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Buying a house for the very first time can be a challenge. With our guide for first time buyers, we raise a number of questions you should be asking yourself before you set foot on that property ladder.

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What’s an Ideal Home for You to Buy?

The idea of finally reaping the fruit of your hard work, and buying your own house can bring absolute thrills to you. As you go through the thought, you create pictures in your mind as to where you’d like the house to be in and what it’s going to be like. You even create pictures of how it looks on the inside, while listing down things you need to redecorate.

However, even if you already have painted a great picture of your ideal home, you need to stay in touch with reality. Check if any of the buildings you had in mind would actually be available in the market, and more importantly, if you can go through the gruelling process of house hunting, making an offer, and finally completing the purchase.

It’s also just as crucial that you have a look at your finances to see if you can afford your dream home. It’s going to frustrate you so much to expect getting something you’ve drawn in your mind when you can’t actually afford it.

If you don’t have enough money in savings, you’re very likely to need a mortgage to afford that house. While picturing an ideal property, you might as well find time to look for the best mortgage deals around. Make enquiries and talk to trusted bank representatives and mortgage brokers to have an idea how much you can borrow and how much you will be expected to pay regularly.

Making That List and Checking It Twice

If you have sorted out your finances, you should be ready to go house hunting. Again, it’s important that even though you already have an idea how your want your house to look, you should have a list of what you would basically need in it and set aside what you think will be nice to have - function, security, convenience and safety over luxury.

Don’t forget to put location at the very top of your list, as it will most likely define the comfort and safety of your living condition. Have a look at your preferences and check them against what’s available on the market. Visit a local estate agent’s office or check the Internet for property listings to see the details, particularly if they will suit your budget. You can also check the Land Registry website for any property currently listed for sale.

Your Priorities

When coming down to what’s ideal for you to buy, here are a few things that should be on top of your list.

Location - Consider an area where the places you need to go to are close by, or just going to be a short drive. Factor in the proximity of schools (if you have children) to your new home, place of work, shops, groceries, government office branches, access to public transport, etc.

Property Type - Decide whether you will need a new build or a previously owned one. If you’re availing the government’s Help to Buy scheme, they may be limited to new build properties only. But if you’re looking to buy a previously owned one, and a rather old property, consider the cost of repair and remodelling in your budget.

Size and Number of Rooms (Including Bathrooms) - You need a place where you can easily move around and with enough rooms for everyone. Bathrooms are quite important, especially if everyone needs to be at some place at the same time - you will have to be in queue after someone if you only have one bathroom at home, and that could be quite annoying.