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Advantages of Recycling Food Waste

Reducing the negative impact of food waste is enough to recycle the food waste of your business. However, there’s many other benefits.

It saves money

In most companies safeguarding their financial bottom line remains top of the list! Recycling leftover food, you’ll reduce the amount of general waste that you produce and then send to the landfill, thus avoiding huge tax burdens.

As crucial, by assessing your business and devising ways to minimize food waste and establishing an productive supply chain.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As we’ve previously discussed that when food waste is disposed of in the landfill it is broken into methane and then releases it. Methane contributes in the greenhouse effect by absorbing the sun’s energy in the atmosphere, creating a climate that is rapidly warmer. To reduce global warming, it’s essential that everyone strives to contribute by whatever means they can. If you reduce the food waste that you generate and disposing of anything unnecessary waste responsibly and reducing environmental impact of your company.

Encourage Local Community

It’s a waste product that’s not necessary, but food is a necessity for many. The idea of donating your company’s edible surplus food items to shelters for homeless food banks, shelters, and other charitable organizations is a fantastic option to fulfill your social responsibilities as a business. Of course, these charities are only able to accept foods items that are safe to consume and is not expired. However, expired “best before” dates are usually fine but it’s the ‘use by’ dates that you have to be aware of! Removing this food from the landfill means that you will make a positive impact within your local area, assisting your community, and helping those in need.

Helps You to meet your legal obligations

As a business, it is your responsibility to have a legal obligation to taking care to minimize your rubbish including food waste collection and be responsible with anything that’s inevitable. Implementing a recycling program in your company is a great method to ensure that you are in compliance with your obligations and keeping conformity with the law.

Can be used to generate renewable Energy

The process of anaerobic digestion the food molecules break down and releases methane gas exactly like what it produces in landfill. But at an anaerobic digestion facility that is specialized it is stored and transformed to green power. Instead of producing greenhouse emissions, your company will generate renewable energy by utilizing the waste it produces!

Boosts Business Reputation

If the economic, environmental and social benefits of recycling food waste aren’t enough, what is your company’s image? Implementing a recycling plan as part of larger-scale green initiatives throughout your business is an excellent approach to appeal to the ethical consciences of your customers. It is believed that three-quarters of UK customers want to make purchases that are ethical. Whatever the figures evidently, the majority of consumers are thinking about the impact on their businesses when making purchasing decisions. Promoting your business’s green credentials regardless of industry is a powerful marketing tool and ensure you’re the most obvious choice for your prospective customers.