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Are You Considering Hiring A Wedding Videographer?

If you ask one of your friends who is married who employed an event videographer to document their wedding day, we’ll ensure that all will say that it was worth the cost! In one way or another wedding videographers do not seem to be at the top of the list of priorities when it comes to selecting wedding vendors, but there’s no reason to why any engaged couple should not think about the inclusion of a wedding videographer into their wedding budget right from the beginning.

We’ve seen a range of fantastic wedding videographers working across all our wedding venues and the video work they’ve created post-wedding, we are completely convinced hiring a wedding videography on hand at the wedding ceremony is an absolute must.

Below are our top 10 reasons we think hiring the services of a wedding videographer who can preserve the moments of your wedding day is an GREAT idea!

1. An unforgettable souvenir of your wedding day

Your wedding day is likely to fly by in a flash However, the wedding videography that a videographer can capture the day’s events from the ceremony until the evening celebration will help you remember the most memorable day of your life for a long time to follow.

2. You’ll see things you haven’t observed if you hadn’t

It’s impossible to know how your guests react to specific parts of your wedding day. However, when you record it you’ll be able review the entire day and discover things that you might not have in the absence of an event videographer.

3. Capture family and friends in the same stage of life

No matter if you’re inviting grandparents cousins, aunts, uncles or even small children, teens or even babies for your special day, it’s be an amazing experience to look back on the wedding footage in future years, and witness how things have changed from the time of the wedding to today. The memory of your lifetime grandparents, for instance is priceless.

4. Your wedding videographer can get creative

The wedding video of today isn’t as good as that you saw in the 1980s. Wedding videographers today are skilled in making use of top-of-the-line equipment, music, and digital creative thinking to transform your wedding video into memories you’ll want to revisit time and again in the future.

5. Upload your wedding video to social media

In addition to watching your wedding film in your home on repeat, the wedding videographer might be able to produce an edited version of your wedding video to show your loved ones via social networks.

6. Wedding videographers may not be as expensive as you believe.

If you didn’t include a wedding videographer’ into your wedding budget at all because you thought it would be expensive, you should rethink your alternatives. Explore the market, call wedding videographers and find out the value you can get for the money you pay and make certain to compare prices based on how long you’d like them to stay for during the day and night. You might be shocked.

Top Tip:

If you’re keen to hire a wedding videographer but the cost is far over your budget, would you cut corners on other aspects of your wedding by cutting back on the wedding flower arrangements, favors or even the cake?

7. A keepsake for the future children

If you’re planning on having youngsters in the coming years or even if they are born prior to your wedding keeping a record about your special day is something they can cherish and look back on in the years to in the future.

8. Relive your best day again…and again…and more…

After your wedding has ended We’re certain that you’ll want to revisit the moment every time. If you have a wedding video that captures all those amazing feelings and moments will be flooding back.

9. Capturing the essence of emotion

There are many parts of a wedding ceremony where emotions are high. starting with the dad of the bride looking at his daughter in all her wedding attire as she walks down the aisle, and most likely the speeches at the dinner buffet. The images of these moments on film will remain emotional to look back at.

10. No regrets

It’s not a good idea to get to the day of your wedding only to discover that you’d rather have hired a videographer for your wedding! It is always best to explore all options when planning your wedding in case it’s something you’re thinking about.