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Getting the most from your Display Boards

Display Boards are incredibly simple in theory, but there are a host of possibilities for what they can be used for. From traditional usage as a notice board, they can also be utilised as an exhibition board and even as a screen when required.

Especially when being used to display content, you’ll want to add customisation so attention is drawn to the information you have to show. Considering display boards can be quite bland looking in the first place, there are many ways that you can customise them in order to optimise their impact. 

What types of display board are available?

You’ll be able to find numerous types of display board to display your chosen prints and create the intended impact. The popular display board options are folding and modular panel & pole displays, both of which bring different positives to the table.

Folding display board offer freestanding and table top solutions, which can be incredibly useful when you’re short on space. The Modular variations are ideal if you plan to change the configuration and a need more stability.


Display Boards do not have to be just a few panels attached together. We manufacture a range of different accessories to enhance and improve your display boards. The obvious addition is display spotlights which are great for quite literally shining a light on your content and making your display easy to see.

Another way that you may not have considered is to introduce printed graphics with the display boards to add a professional and high quality look to your content. Whether it’s information to complement your products and services or a simple poster that you wish to use for one event, then each panel can be customised so that you can create your ideal design.

Add your personal touch

Most of all, the best way to really make the most of display boards is add your own branding as much as you can. A set of well-designed display boards will provide the basis for your exhibition, but it’s what you add on top which will really entice people in. Remember to feature what makes your organisation unique and use materials that will pique the interest of potential clients.

Without overdoing things, a gentle combination of the display boards as a backdrop then being complemented with graphics and your own embellishments provides the perfect mixture to make a successful display. Even when simply being used as a notice board, design yours as an extension of your brand, group or organisation and people will be flocking to see what you have to say.