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The Growing Popularity of Free Job Advertising in the UK

Over the last decade, free job advertising has become increasingly popular among recruiters and hiring managers across the UK. Rather than paying to post vacancies on premium job boards or in printed publications, more and more companies are leveraging free online job boards and social media to promote their open positions. This shift towards free job advertising in the UK has been driven by several key advantages for employers.

Reaching a Wider Candidate Pool
One of the main reasons behind the rising popularity of free job advertising UK is its unrivaled ability to reach a diverse candidate pool. Paid job board listings and print advertisements will only be seen by active job seekers who visit those specific sites or read those publications. Free job ads cast a much wider net, getting vacancies seen by both active and passive candidates. Job seekers browsing the web, social media users, relevant industry forum members, and employed professionals open to new roles are all potential candidates. With the average UK LinkedIn user spending over 17 hours per month on the platform, free job ads published through LinkedIn reach candidates that would likely never see a premium job board posting they had to search for and click on. This increased visibility allows companies posting free job ads in the UK to promote their employer brand and attract more candidates than they could reach through limited paid distribution channels.

Significant Cost Savings
The high costs associated with paid job advertising has been another major driver towards free options in the UK. Print advertising in newspapers and industry publications can easily cost thousands of pounds per position, while premium online job board postings frequently charge hundreds per listing. These expenses add up quickly, especially for companies hiring for multiple openings. Free job advertising cuts these costs, allowing UK employers to invest the savings into other recruiting efforts like referral bonuses, specialized recruitment tools, or improved candidate experiences. Startups and smaller companies have been particularly drawn to free job ads in the UK due to limited recruitment budgets. But even larger enterprises have embraced free options as supplementary postings to reach talent pools that their paid advertising may be missing. Avoiding bloated advertising fees allows UK companies to dedicate more resources towards long-term recruiting and talent brand growth.

Levels the Playing Field
The overwhelming costs of paid print and digital advertising has historically put smaller companies and startups at a major disadvantage in attracting candidates compared to their larger competitors. Free job advertising sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and local online job boards have helped level the playing field between these companies. Any employer can post unlimited free job ads in the UK and have their open roles sit side-by-side with vacancies from giant multinational corporations. This equal visibility gives job seekers a more balanced assessment of their options. It also forces all companies to sell candidates on the actual merits of roles, culture, and growth opportunities rather than just paying to get their listings noticed. Free advertising has created a more even UK jobs market, letting employers of all sizes compete for the same in-demand talent.

Promoting Employer Branding
The level playing field created by free UK job advertising has caused a greater focus on differentiation and employer branding for recruiters. When anyone can post a job for free and be seen by millions of searches, simply having a listing out there is no longer enough. Companies have to sell themselves to candidates and make a case for why talent should choose to apply and join their organization over the numerous other options. This makes factors like workplace culture, leadership, development opportunities, benefits packages, and purpose/social impact much more integral components of UK job ads today. Listing salaries has also become best practice to remain competitive for passive candidates happy with their current total comp. Promotional elements like video testimonials from current employees are also popular free additions leveraged by leading UK employers. Investing in talent attraction materials bolsters application numbers for free job ads.

Free job advertising has proven itself as an indispensable talent attraction strategy for today’s UK recruiters facing fierce competition for candidates with in-demand skills. Leveraging these free platforms as part of a multi-channel approach is key for employers wanting to reach the widest possible talent pool. Candidates now expect an omnipresent approach from companies where they see open positions on all the top free and paid channels. This comprehensive strategy reflects positively on employer brands, reinforcing images as attractive modern workplaces. As the war for talent rages on, free online job advertising will continue growing as a must-have element in any UK company’s recruitment marketing mix.