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What is the Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition?

A lot of people believe that recruitment and acquisition of talent are interchangeable, however companies who are focused at the bigger picture realize there’s a major distinction between them. Recruitment and acquisition of talent are similar to quick fixes in the short and long term, but not as much as long-term planning. Both methods can be employed according to the specific circumstances however one can be more tactical and the other is strategic.

Internal HR managers are able to boost overall recruitment plans by having an understanding of the strategic aspects of the process of acquiring talent. Independent recruiters could also enhance relationships with employers by knowing the role acquisition helps a business realize its strategic goals.

Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition

It is all about filling the empty positions. The process of acquiring talent is a continual approach to locate specialists, leaders or potential leaders for your business. The emphasis of the process is on long-term planning for human resources and finding suitable candidates for jobs that require a particular abilities.

Businesses must determine what jobs will be the most hard to fill if a vacant position or requirement arises. The niche markets, the technology capabilities, extremely specific experience and leadership positions require a careful and long-term strategy for recruitment of talent.

Should Your Business Be hiring or acquiring?

A variety of markets are evolving and new skills are required. In the manufacturing sector, a shift toward green technology creates an increased need for retraining and hiring from non-traditional fields including cybersecurity or environmental science. The competition for these talents will be intense. Your business must have a strategy for acquiring talent that anticipates the needs. A talent pool that is passive in place will cut down on the time of searching and will give your an advantage over your competitors.

Some may think it is best for all businesses to be focusing on acquiring talent rather than recruiting because it creates an organization that is more stable, encourages teamwork and improves productivity. A solid strategy to acquire talent will benefit every company depending on the level of talent you recruit. If your business is marked by high levels of turnover, your employees might notice your stress levels drop with an upgrade to the strategy for recruiting talent. If you hire only once every two years, the process is simpler and more efficient if you have an effective plan for recruiting talent implemented.

How to Go Beyond Recruitment to Obtain Top Talent

The best and brightest employees to your business isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It’s a continual procedure of networking, and establishing connections with the high-quality talent. While recruiting remains an essential process to fill vacancies that are immediate but talent acquisition is a long-term plan to improve the efficiency of hiring and to make it more effective. New employees will find your company because it is a wonderful environment to work in and the business will flourish. Human resources are one of the main factors in business success and are an integral component of the team enabling your business forward.