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What Makes Explainer Videos Helpful?

Around 80% of businesses have reported increased sales after using animated explainer videos that explain their products and services. This is likely due to the fact that nearly all customers find explainer video useful in understanding the item or service.

A strategy of marketing that includes explainer videos can be very beneficial for businesses. Find out seven of the numerous advantages of animated explainer videos.

1. They present solutions and problems

A lot of business is driven by clients with issues seeking products or services that can solve the problem. Explainer videos with animation simplify the process of drawing a picture of a problem and then demonstrating the solution.

Customers don’t like reading complicated documents from companies, and if the sales pitch is for too long, they’re more likely to leave. Explainer videos that are animated can accomplish the same thing more imaginatively and also more engagingly.

Videos that are well-designed and short in length are enjoyable, retaining the viewer’s focus and making the products and services more relatable. Explainer videos with animation can be stopped so that no information is missed.They are also able to be rewound and watched again so that crucial information is played back.

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2. The Animated Video Creates Emotion

For good or for ill We are often influenced by our emotions, and make choices based on how our feelings are. The majority of the information that our brain is able to process is visual. Therefore, our emotions are typically visual-driven. And 65% of people are visual learners, so beyond its emotional impact, presenting information visually is more cognitively effective.

There aren’t many things that are less emotionally affecting than traditional advertising and the stock photos accompanying it rarely do the trick, let alone convey meaningful information.

This is the area where animated explainer videos are useful. They are able to convey information visually and appeal to the viewer’s emotions not just with images, but as well through voiceovers and music.

3. Utilizing animated explainer videos increases Site Traffic

A video explaining your website’s animation to your landing page could attract visitors to your site and increase your conversion rate by nearly 80 percent.

How do we get this to happen? Internet search engines prefer websites that have videos. This is due to the fact that they are simple to Internet bots to identify and then crawl. Web crawlers, also referred to as spiders, record every item in the World Wide Web for search engines such as Google which is why it is easily found by people typing in the search term.

The benefits of these videos are enhanced by the time the clip is posted via social media or in emails blasts.

If you’re looking to get your business or product to be recognized by the public, adding animated videos to explain your products or services is a cost-effective and simple method to do this.

4. Animated Explainer Videos Increase Search Engine Optimization

You’ve already seen the way animated explainer videos are appealing to web crawlers, who index content on the web to search engines. However, videos can also assist in marketing strategies by increasing your SEO. Here’s how:

An animated explainer video could result in an increase in share on social media. This could, in turn, result in backlinks. Backlinks are created when a website links to another one and are essential to get high rankings in SEO.
An effective animated explainer video will establish your authority in a particular area product or service. Your website could become the primary source for information, and you can increase your audience and increase your SEO through regular publishing new videos, updates as well as details.
Video explainers embedded on your website and other data that is structured on your site can improve your SEO by providing rich snippets of information. These are images of your site’s content in search engines that bring more visitors than written descriptions.

Nowadays, SEO is a very vital element in any successful marketing strategy . animated videos can aid you in improving your rankings in this area.

5. Animated Explainer Videos Can Be easily shared

While the main purpose of animated explainer videos is to provide information, be it the solution to a problem is an idea for a new business There are many benefits by making the video entertaining and engaging enough to be shared.

The explainer video doesn’t have to be millions of shares for it to be a hit. A thousand shares or even a handful of hundred shares can significantly boost the company’s image.

Animated explainer videos must be made to reflect this. A dull , boring video is likely not likely to be shared by anyone, however those that are funny or clever may be shared with more than the intended audience.

The animated explainer that you create must be one that you’d like to show to your family and acquaintances even if they’re not the intended audience for your products or services.

6. Animation-based Explainer Videos can simplify complex concepts

It’s hard to explain why your product is superior to others if the people don’t know the way it functions. Unfortunately, the traditional ways of explaining things usually make people bored to take in enough pertinent details.

Animated explainer videos keep viewers entertained while breaking down complex subjects into manageable pieces that are easy to comprehend. A great animation paired with well-judged music and voiceovers help make learning new things enjoyable and also make products and services attractive.

7. Animated Explainer Videos are Amazingly affordable

You may think that considering all the benefits making an animated explainer video is expensive. But the good news is that it’s not. Although explainer videos, as well as broadcast commercials are expensive to produce animations are cheap due to several reasons:

They’re quick to make and require fewer production team man-hours.
They don’t need expensive equipment since everything is handled by computers.
There are no live actors and costumers, designers makeup artists, costumers, catering and all the other additional services that accompany them.

The budgetary constraints of traditional video production may be restrictive in their creativity, however when it comes to animation, everything is achievable.