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About Vape Juice Flavours

We are extremely particular about our e-liquidsand with good reason. An enjoyable vape is down to having the correct taste profile and flavor, as well as the right amount in sweetness perfect nicotine strength as well as the ratio of VG/PG most compatible with our system. When any of the above elements don’t suit us the entire experience could suffer due to it.

Of course, it is possible to look up the internet to find that perfect combination of your preferences However, increasingly vapers are making decisions on their own hands through adjusting their e-liquids themselves or by employing a service to adjust this for them.

We adjust the settings for you by allowing to experiment with different options during checkout. However, some users are purchasing their own supplies and then adjusting at home.

Making Them Adjustable Yourself Do It Yourself Style

It involves purchasing the bottles that contain liquid nicotine flavors, flavoring agents, sweeteners, VG and PG to ensure that, once you have purchased the vape juice in a bottle you can mix in other ingredients for a flavor that is more suitable to your taste.


#1: It could be cheaper, because wholesale ingredients are less expensive

#2: Provides you with the most control over your vapes through having the ability to make tiny adjustments one at a stretch until it’s perfect


#1 1. If you’re not used to vape juice’s ingredients You could end up creating a mistake which is unable to be rectified, which means you’ll be wasting vape juice.

2. Nicotine could be hazardous to manage

#3: This technique requires storage space that you may or not possess.

#4: Many low-quality ingredients are available in the marketplace and it’s difficult to discern which are manufactured correctly and which ones aren’t.

Making adjustments through the professionals

The alternative can be for us to handle the work for you. When you make a purchase of vape juice there are a variety of dropdown menus that let you to alter the formula even more if you want. You can enhance the flavor with and sweetness, sourness as well as menthol and other ingredients while being able to alter the strength of your nicotine and the VG/PG ratio to meet your preferences.

Additionally, we’ve ensured that you have the ability to modify your e-juice, without spending lots of cost. Many companies charge more for custom vapes. However, our main goal is to provide the customers we serve in a manner that guarantees maximum satisfaction and that’s why we make sure to keep the prices as low-cost as we can.

After you have made your modifications After that, our expert team of flavor mixers get to create the ideal recipe based on their many years of experience in the field of vape juice. This means you’ll end with a juice that will be able to satisfy your needs depending on your specific preference, as well as the perfect balance of ingredients that is able to handle the demands of your vaping set-up.


1. You don’t need to do any work required to create the exact vape recipe you want

#2: You are able to alter any aspect of your eliquid you’d like to change

#3 3: We are experts in e-liquids who know precisely how to mix ingredients in order to make the most satisfying product.

#4: Only premium ingredients are used, which means you can trust the resultant e-juice adequate in regards to flavor and quality.

#5: It’s all it takes time or effort on your part


1. You could be making decisions will be regrettable, such as making a flavor sour which shouldn’t really be or using more nicotine than your tolerance will allow and so on.

Enjoy Those E-Liquids Your Way!

There’s no harm in making changes to your e-juice provided you do it the right method. We recommend hiring a professional to do the adjustments, since they’ve got years of expertise, and only use the best ingredients are available.