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Different Types of Fireworks

Fireworks near me can be classified into various categories. These categories can create confusion. This blog will try to make it clear for you.

How can you tell the distinction between Hazard and Category Types of fireworks?

Many people notice categories F1, F2, F3 and F4 given to fireworks they have in their baskets This is related to the testing of fireworks based on their type, purpose and the level of danger. The categories can be described as follows:

Category F1 Indoor Fireworks that present a low risk and designed to be used in areas that are restricted like in homes.
Category F2 Garden Fireworks offer the lowest risk of danger and are designed to be used in outdoor areas like small gardens.
Category F3 Display Fireworks – present a moderate hazard. They are designed to be used outdoors in large open spaces like fields.
Category F4 – Professional Fireworks – have a high hazard, which are intended for use only by persons with specialist knowledge/professional company for use within professional displays.

They are frequently confused with the category of hazard which is utilized for the storage and transportation of fireworks. It is usually indicated with a hazard diamond placed on the outside or the box of the vehicle. The types of hazard are described as follows:

The Hazard Class 1 (HT1 and 1.1g fireworks) is extremely high risk with potential for mass explosion.
Danger Type 2. (HT2 and 1.2g fireworks) are a major projectile hazard , but doesn’t pose a danger of mass explosive.
The Hazard Type 3 (HT3 or 1.3g fireworks) is a type of fireworks that has the potential for fire hazards and also a minor blast and projectile hazards however it does not pose the danger of explosions in mass.
A Hazard Type 4. (HT4 and 1.4g fireworks) is a low risk of fire and has no major blast or projectile danger.

Other categories of hazard types that are rarely used include hazards types 5 and 6.

Why is there a confusion?

Many people mistake categories for danger types and believe that the higher the classification, the more fireworks. It’s not the case, the most frequently used classifications that the general public can purchase are the categories F1,F2 and F3.

These fireworks fall under either HT3 or the latter being the more superior classification and, in general, offering larger effects and bursts within the fireworks. However, it’s not always the case , with many 1.4g fireworks that offer stunning effects and worth for money.

The majority of fireworks you can purchase on the internet are 1.4g regardless of whether they are cakes and barrages fountains and mines or rockets, we have created a separate section of the 1.3g fireworks.

Which kind of fireworks should I purchase?

There’s no simple answer to the vast array of fireworks that are available. It will depend on the event and the effect you wish to create. In general, 1.3g fireworks are larger and more loud, but there’s not a guarantee of quality greater than our 1.4g fireworks, which include a variety of spectacular low noise fireworks to choose from. It is recommended to check the helpful product videos and find out what strikes your interest.