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Do Bug Deflectors Work?

Effectiveness of bugs repellents has been a cause of dispute between believers and nonbelievers for quite a while. Many claim they are effective however others claim to contrary. There are a myriad of testimonials to support both sides of the argument are available on the internet as well as via people’s words, deciding which to believe isn’t easy. Before you decide it is important to know the motivation behind the bug deflector design.

In directing airflow upwards towards in front of the car Deflectors’ primary function is to transport bugs over and up the roof rather than directly over the hood and onto the windshield. Bug deflectors do not alter the aerodynamics of your vehicle in any significant way however, anything that helps redirect air around your vehicle will improve efficiency to a small extent.

In the beginning bug deflectors were tall and upright pieces made of Plexiglas that were attached to the front of the vehicle. The design of your truck or car and the type of vehicle, they could be effective but sometimes they weren’t. In recent times there has been a lot that’s been learned and learned about aerodynamics, and has been applied to bug deflectors in a way that it was never before. Modern design suggests that being the taller option isn’t always better since the overall shape and curve of a deflector is likely to yield the same, if not better results than the flat, tall plank of wood that has been nailed on the front.

Deflectors are currently “vehicle-specific” This means they’re designed specifically to suit specific types and makes. Since the angle and curvature of deflectors is tailored to the airflow that is natural for the vehicle in question they are very effective while complementing that car’s design features and still retaining a stylish appearance.

Windshield Covered Insects

The skeptics will claim that the distinction between old and modern bug deflectors is small. They will give newer deflectors a few points for their looks. But the truth is that a quality deflector constructed from top quality materials and designed specifically to fit your car can be efficient and give visible outcomes.

Another advantage for bug deflectors are that, even while you may notice bugs splashing across the deflector, you can be certain that road stones are flying off it as well. Pebbles and other particles that could end up damaging your hood are essentially thrown away. We’ll review various insect deflectors we have to assist you in making an educated decision.

Tape-On vs. Bolt-On Bug Deflectors

Bug deflectors sold by us are attached on the ground using screw or double-sided tape and the way to attach them on each item’s page on our website. Screw-on deflectors are typically shaped with a sleeve which fits under the hood, or they come with brackets that allow this. Whatever way you choose, the these brackets’ holes must be designed to permit you to use the vehicle’s existing holes in the hood or grille molding is fixed. Simply take the trim piece off and install the deflector then install and put it to the brackets.

Removal of Protective Backing Deflector

Deflectors that are taped in place make use of 3M(tm) automotive-grade double-sided tape. This tape is sturdy and efficient enough that numerous automotive manufacturers utilize it to attach chrome trim to their manufacturing facilities. A foam core permits the tape to be shaped to the surface’s irregularities and also allows expansion and contraction when temperatures change. Installation is simple since the tape has an outer layer of protection that is removed off prior to the final installation.

Products for Bug Deflector

When considering products for bug deflectors you should always look over the product’s Options field. You’ll find the variations in product and finish applicable to your particular brand and model.

All the deflectors that we sell are constructed out of polymer-based substances like acrylics or ABS plastic. Although the majority come with smoke tinting, some are available with chrome finishes clear finish, chrome finish, and different designs. When you’re looking at bugs deflectors be sure to examine the product’s Options field. You’ll find the variations in the product and the finish offered for your particular make and model. This article will look at the deflectors available in clear, chrome and various finishes. Other than that, the items mentioned are standard smoke tint.

Low-Profile Bug Deflectors

Low-Profile AVS Chrome Aeroskin Hood Shield

The slim-profile AVS Chrome Aeroskin Hood Shield.

Sometimes, they are described by the name of “off on the top of the hood” deflectors, they are made to fit near the top of the hood, in a comfortable and form-fitting manner that is in line with the car’s contours. They usually look like OEM trim better than any accessories. Since the modern automobiles have thinner hood lines than before they are more susceptible to damage from rock chips. This is why we have a variety of deflectors designed to fit a range of vehicles and trucks. For models for cars such as AVS Carflector Smoke Hood Shield is a good choice. AVS Carflector Smoke Hood Shield is specifically designed for vehicles from the early 1990s. the company’s Acrylic Aeroskin Hood Shield and chrome-finished Chrome Aeroskin Hood Shield offer an excellent selection of cars starting in 2004 (as as trucks from earlier years).

For vehicles such as trucks, SUVs and vans for vans, there’s The AVS Hoodflector Hood Shield as well as the Stampede Vigilante Premium Hood Protector and it’s the AVS Aeroskin II matte black Hood Shield that features a matte black finish and an upward-facing ridge on the top for airflow while not compromising design. If you’d prefer a transparent, un-tinted low-profile bug deflector Wade provides an UltraGuard Bug Shield and Platinum Bug Shield. Be aware that both Wade products are made in smoke-tinted versions for all models. However, the there is a clear option available that differs by model and brand.

Standard-Profile Deflectors

The bug deflectors with a standard profile are situated further from the hood panel and could have an inclined profile. They’re best suited for those who reside in warmer climates and have bigger bugs since they push the air higher and increase the chances that tropical bugs can traverse completely over your roof.

There’s a starter kit, The WeatherTech Dark Smoke Stone and Bug Deflector, which is an impressive selection of options for cars and trucks with hoods lower, which are more prone to being damaged by stones. For trucks There’s an AVS Bugflector Hood Shield and Lund Interceptor Bug Deflector in smoke tint. If you’d prefer a selection of clear or smoke tint plastic that is painted there’s two options: the AVS Bugflector Deluxe and Bugflector II. Its Bugflector II is manufactured for many different minivans and crossovers, in addition to SUVs and pickups.

Stampede’s Vigilante Premium Hood Protector provides the choice of clear, smoke tint and chrome camouflage along with United States flag designs with or without an eagle at the front. If you’re looking for carbon fiber’s look the GTS Omni Guard Hood Deflector as well as the Bug Guard Hood Deflector offer it on certain models, along with smoke tint and clear. For both GTS products, simply type in the model, the model, make and year, then select the most appropriate option for a redirection to a second page, where the desired finish can be chosen.

Stampede Vigilante Premium Patriotic Hood Protector

This GTS Smoke – Bug-Gard Hood Deflector is rugged and stylish with the distinct feature of having a circular center emblem that is customizable with your personal photo. Putco offers smoke and chrome tinted versions of the Element Hood Shield. instead of having a soft slope, Element deflectors are designed with sharply beveled edges which can be a perfect match for trucks, with a rugged style that is their own.
Putco Element Chrome Hood Shield

The Putco Element Chrome Hood Shield (left) and the Element Tinted Hood Shield (right) are a perfect match to the rugged appearance of all trucks.

If you have an Dodge Dakota or Durango model between 1997 and 2003, we have an “fender eyebrow” deflector kit specifically for the lower, distinct areas that are above the headlights. The set is available in smoke-tinted this set of AVS Fender Protector pieces attach using dual-sided 3M tape. Also, if you own a 2007 or later Jeep Wrangler, the Rugged Ridge Hood Bug Deflector is available in matte black. Smoke tinted versions are available for Wranglers as well as other Jeep models until 2010.

Element Tinted Hood Shield

Bug Deflector in Different Designs

Bug deflectors can be useful, but we want to remain real: they can reduce, but they will not entirely stop, bugs from splashing across your windshield. They also have the advantage of offering a little protection to your hood. And frankly the models we offer are stylish as well! Most importantly, installation is simple and quick.