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How Do Jockey Wheels Work?

Jockey wheels are crucial to uncouple or connect your trailer from your vehicle. How do they function specifically?

In this article, we’ll explain how a jockey’s wheel functions, which size is best for your vehicle and the best way to replace the wheel.

How Does A Jockey Wheel Works

The jockey wheel a device specifically designed to help get your trailer hooked up or uncoupled with your automobile.

The way it operates is easy. It is made up consisting of two shafts: a top one which is fixed to the A-frame of your caravan , and an underside shaft which is home to the wheel. A winding handle on the top shaft lifts and lowers the shaft at its bottom, and the wheels are able to move.

In some ways, it’s similar to the jack of a caravan.

The process of using a jockey wheel is straightforward as follows: steps in the following steps:

Step 1: Attach the jockey wheel onto the A-frame.

Find a suitable location for your jockey wheel to be mounted. By using the brackets, secure the wheels with the help of tightening your bolts.

Step 2: Turn the handle of the winding counter-clockwise

Turning the winding handle counterclockwise will raise the front of the trailer.

Step 3. The trailer coupler should be aligned with the tow ball.

Then, you can manually move on the back of the truck until the trailer coupler lines exactly with the ball of the trailer.

Step 4: Turn the handle to wind it clockwise. place it in the desired position.

Then, turn the handle for winding clockwise. This will lower the trailer’s front and attach the tow ball on that coupler.

What Jockey Wheel Size Do I require?

There are two key dimensions you should consider when selecting a jockey wheel. What is the diameter of the jockey wheel as well as the height of the closed and open sides.

For the size of the wheel you need, there are 6 standard sizes available to select from: 35mm 42mm, 48mm 48mm serrated, 60mm and 63mm.

The majority of caravans need 48mm to 63mm , depending on the dimensions of your caravan. To determine the size of trailer you will need it is necessary to verify the weight stated on the nose of your caravan . Also, verify the capacity of the jockey wheel.

The height between the open and closed is the height at which it can reach to lift the trailer, and the lowest level it could lower the trailer. It is essential to ensure that, when the jockey wheel has been set at its highest elevation the trailer coupler has to not be lower than your tow ball.

How to Replace A Jockey Wheel

The replacement of your jockey wheel is contingent on the way it’s placed within your caravan.

In caravans where jockey wheels are mounted externally replacing the jockey wheel is as easy as removing the bracket, taking off the old wheel, installing it, then fixing the bracket.

In some cases, however, if it is mounted in the A-frame, it is possible to do this as follows.

Step 1: Start by winding across the whole corner slacks

Make sure you wind up all the corner stabilizers of the caravan, so that it is easier to transfer weight onto the jockey wheels.

Step 2: Ensure that the handbrake is in the engaged position.

Before you proceed be sure to check that the handbrake of the caravan is in use. Push the caravan to check whether it moves. It is also possible to add chocks or wedges to the wheels of your caravan to make certain.

Step 3. Raise the head of the caravan

Turn the winding handle counterclockwise to lift the nose of the caravan.

Step 4: Set blocks in the corner, then lower the for stability

After the nose of your caravan is lifted, put blocks under the corner steady and then lower them so the caravan’s nose stays elevated as you crank up the jockey wheels.

Step 5: Take off the jockey wheels.

Release the clamp on the jockey wheel, and make sure to pull it as high as you can. Then , tighten the clamps to ensure it stays in its place. Then, turn it downwards until the wheels drop off the shaft on top.

Then release the clamps and take the top shaft out from the A-frame.

Step 6: Remove your brand new jockey wheel.

The top shaft must be separated from the lower of the jockey wheel and wind it until it comes out.

Step 7: Put in the new jockey wheel

Install the new jockey wheel on the A-frame, through inserting the shaft on top after tightening the clamp before inserting the lower part and then winding it up.

When the jockey wheels are functioning, take out blocks, and then lower the rear of your caravan. The newly installed jockey wheel has been in place and working.

Final Thoughts

The use of a jockey wheel as well as replacing them is simple. When you adhere to the steps that are given above, you’ll be able to utilize the wheel of your jockey to connect to your trailer, or even replace it if needed.