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Save Energy With A Heated Throw Blanket

The heated blanket has been a popular bedtime accessory that can help you stay warm and cozy during an icy night. If you’re thinking of purchasing a heated blanket, be sure that you’re informed regarding the benefits and cons of using one prior to purchasing.

The advantages of a heated blanket

1. Saves Energy

One benefit of having a blanket heated is the fact that they’re energy efficient. They will provide warmth without the need to turn up the temperature, particularly in the winter.

They might not be able to heat the whole space, but they utilize enough energy to help you feel warm during the night. You can save more by purchasing higher-end blankets that are heavier. These blankets take longer to warm up and remain warm for a long time after being shut off.

Additionally there is an auto-off option so that you don’t have to fret about your blanket getting too hot after you’ve fallen asleep or jogging all night.

2. Enhances Your Mood

A warm blanket can improve your mood as the warmth soothes your mind and body.

Your body requires much energy to keep warm which, in consequence you could experience anxiety or stress in cold, dark night. The warmth of blankets helps reduce your energy consumption that the body requires to maintain the temperature constant.

3. Reduces Pain

The most well-known remedy for pain and aches is to use the heat. The warmth generated by blankets heated can reduce muscle tightness and help reduce cramps.

While heated blankets aren’t intended to relieve the pain of major injuries, they can increase blood flow to the body, which may help in the treatment of minor pains, aches, or cramps.

4. Improve Sleep

Another reason to get a blanket heated is that it could help create an improved quality of sleep. Temperature fluctuations can disrupt your sleep, cause you to feel sick and cause you to spin and turn throughout the night.

There is also the possibility of being taken out of a deep sleep that causes discomfort, headaches and fatigue. A heated blanket helps keep the temperature steady, so your sleep pattern will not be interrupted.

The cons of a heated blanket

1. Fire Risk

Like any other electric appliance, blankets heated could cause fire. If they are left for a long period of duration can increase the chance of things happening.

Fortunately, the latest blankets typically come with an automatic shut-off feature to keep the blanket from overheating. However, be careful as older blankets might not come with this feature. Make sure to not forget to turn off a blanket on even while you’re not in use or when you’re asleep.

2. Not Washable

The average person sleeps in their bed for between six and eight hours per night. The bedding should be cleaned once every one or two weeks.

One disadvantage of heated blankets is that they’re not washable. The wire could create problems if the blanket is put in water, or even a cycle of washing machine could make the blanket ineffective.

It is possible to purchase an adjustable cover that you can put over the blanket in order to avoid this issue, so you can clean the cover without removing the wiring inside.

3. Not Always Pet-Friendly

Many animals be enticed by the comfort of a blanket heated and the use of one can help calm stressed or anxious pets, however you must know that heating blankets can present a risk for your pet’s safety should they choose to scratch or scratch on the blanket when they’re on.