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Why It’s Important To Get A Massage

If you’re struggling with anxiety, a study suggests that a massage can actually help significantly ease your symptoms. “What we think is happening is decreasing the sympathetic response that we experience in patients with generalized anxiety disorder and enhancing this kind of parasympathetic effect,” says Dr. Rapaport who was the lead researcher of the study.

Your body is actually home to two different system of nerves: your sympathetic nervous system as well as the parasympathetic nerve system. “Your sympathetic is fight or flight,” says Rudy Gehrman, DC, a sports medicine chiropractor and founder of Physio Logic in New York. “If you’re getting caught by a lion this is your sympathetic nervous system.”

When you massage, your parasympathetic (or relaxing) response will increase and can result in a reduction in anxiety, claims Dr. Rapaport.

The other great thing is? Massage’s effects on less anxiety are long-lasting. “We conducted a follow-up on an informal basis and a large percentage of these people remained anxiety-free in the range of six months to 18 months after,” says Dr. Rapaport.

Sleep better and rest more easily

Have trouble sleeping or suffer with insomnia? Massage is a great way to assist you in a deeper sleep. “Sleep is all dependent on the level of activity within the nerve system” states Field. If you are treated to massage, your nervous system itself slows down due to the pressure.

Additionally, when you’re getting more restorative, deeper sleep, says the doctor that it lowers the levels of substance P (a neurotransmitter used to treat pain) and reduces the overall level of pain. If you’re suffering from tension, massages will perform double-duty.

Fight fatigue

There’s a lot of us who have been in that situation. You’ve been tossing and turning all night, you’ve been exhausted from work and it’s like you’re not even allowed five minutes to take a long breath. “Some people get fatigued because they’re not sleeping enough,” says Dr. Rapaport. “Other people feel fatigued due to some biological causes.”

However, regardless of what the reason for your fatigue, an simple solution is (you already knew it) massage. In fact, one 2018 study by Dr. Rapaport found that breast cancer patients who received weekly Swedish massages noticed a decrease in their fatigue, a very debilitating aspect of the cancer. For the most effective results from Dr. Rapaport’s findings, try having a massage at least once a week.

Aid certain health conditions

Your body has two different immune reactions: Th1 and Th2, and both need to be balanced for your immune system functioning optimally, says Field. “If the Th2 gets in excess of the Th1 system, then you have autoimmune problems,” she says.

Massage is slowing down stress hormones to maintain the balance, she says. It can aid in making autoimmune conditions, like asthma or type 1 diabetes or dermatitis, less difficult to treat through things like decreased fatigue or pain.

Get focused

Do you have trouble staying in a meeting for more than 10 minutes or taking a nap after reading? Massages will help increase your ability to focus and attention. concentrate.

In order for you to pay attention your heart rate has to be reduced. “If I’m not paying attention, it’s because my heart rate’s elevated,” says Field. “And when I bring my heart rate back to normal I’ll pay more attention.”

Since massages slow down your nervous system, your heart rate is effectively decreased, as well. In a massage, pressure receptors stimulate vagal activity that is triggered by a nerve within your brain that is responsible for a myriad of areas of the body including the heart, says Field. So when you’re undergoing the stress of a massage it may reduce your heart rate, as well, which in turn can improve your concentration.

Heal injuries

If you experience joint pain or injury (especially in cases where the problem is chronic or lasts for a long time), says Gehrman it’s possible to have soft-tissue issues that cause knots or trigger points of pain. “Massage therapists are getting rid of the soft tissue restrictions and expanding circulation,” Gehrman notes.

They can, in time, result in problems like joint decay and other ligament problems. Therefore, by actively massaging out the tightness of your soft tissues it’s not just helping with your injury now, but also helping prevent against future problems. However, the most important aspect to consider to remember when you’re getting massages for your injury is to go to an qualified, licensed massage therapist who has extensive experience with injured patients.

“Because any type of soft tissue work, you’re in essence doing damage to science in the process, and if you’re working in a way that is too deep, the person can’t heal from that treatment,” says Gehrman. A qualified, licensed massage therapist will be competent to identify which parts near the injury require massage and which ones are best to avoid.

Are there any risks associated with 서울홈타이?

Although there aren’t any proven negative effects of massage, if any medical history that involves things such as cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes, these are issues you should make your massage therapist aware and consult an therapist who is familiar dealing with this particular issue.

Women who are pregnant should also seek out a therapist with pregnancy experience–“For pregnant females, you have to be extremely cautious when it comes to positioning,” says Gehrman.

Patients with osteoporosis must find the help of a professional who is experienced with this, too. “You might damage ribs or bones when a person is truly seriously osteoporotic” says Gehrman.