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Golden Visa for Spain Benefits

Similar to what other European nations did, Spain also introduced its Golden Visa program which aims to aid the country’s financial well-being. In contrast to the Gold Visa cards, Golden Visa is the right to live in a particular country, and it grants visa-free entry into the country.

What is the Golden Visa Spain?

Spain is a member of the EU since 1985, and is part of the Schengen zone since. The high standard of living and a growing economy make it an attractive choice for relocating. Businesses and families alike consider Spain as a potential candidate to invest in the future.

Particularly for non-EU citizens looking to pursue their careers or other ambitions with a focus on Europe, Spain Golden Visa Program is an ideal alternative. It permits you to live as a student, work, or study in Spain. It could result in permanent residency and eventually, citizenship.

Following five years of temporary residency After five years of temporary residence, you can apply for permanent residence in Spain. After the period of 10 years in permanent residence you can apply for citizenship by naturalization procedures, subject to the conditions satisfied.

Eligibility Conditions to be eligible in order to qualify for Spain Golden Visa

There are many choices for investing in the Spain Golden Visa Program. You can choose to put money into property worth EUR500,000, EUR2 million in Spanish Government Bonds, or EUR1 million in shares of Spanish companies.

In addition to the financial requirement in addition to the financial requirement, you must have at minimum 18 years old age, and have an unblemished criminal record as well as an insurance policy that is either public or private health insurance policy.

Specific criteria:

You’re at least 18 years old
You’re not a illegal resident of Spain
You don’t have a conviction on your criminal background in the past five years
You’re not listed among the undesirable individuals
Private health insurance is available to cover your stay
You have the ability to demonstrate that you have sufficient money to support yourself without having to work in Spain
You’re not being denied residence in any other country or from Spain
There is no evidence that you suffer from any of these diseases in accordance with a 2005 regulation

Real Estate Investment Option

This program will require you to invest in a significant amount of Spanish real property. The amount that is specified in this program amounts to EUR500,000. It is possible to choose either commercial or residential properties or a mixture of both. The property may be let out for rental. Different buyers can also join their investments into one property. In addition, any amount in excess of the minimum investment can be mortgaged.

Businesses Development and Business in Spain

This option to gain Spain residency via investment specifically targets to improve to boost the Spanish economy. If you opt for this route 1) you need to create employment 2.) the investment should be a socio-economic benefit to the nation 3) help in the development of scientific or technological advancements. The minimum investment for that option would be EUR1 million.

Capital Transfer

It is also possible to put a significant amount of money into Spanish Treasury Bonds to benefit from the Golden Visa program Spain. Due to these bonds’ security in the financial market, this option is very popular with applicants. Treasure Bonds are backed by the federal government. They are a fairly secure form of investment that can provide high yields. The minimum investment amount for this choice can be EUR1 million. In other words, you can put down a minimum investment of EUR1 million of shares of Spanish banks or deposits at an Spanish bank.

Corporate Projects and Business in Spain

The projects that are approved to be eligible for Golden Visa Spain must meet the following requirements:

If it is proven that it could be an important factor in job creation.
If the investment is anticipated to create an economic or social impact in the region that the investor is investing in.
When it makes significant contributions to science or technological advancement.

There are more than 3,000 new start-ups operating in Spain that are willing to invest. To encourage these initiatives the government has enacted tax reforms that encourage investment in these businesses. This is a process that requires particular care because of the legal complexities involved in procedures. This is why it is strongly recommended to go through the procedure with the help by an agency.
Spain Golden Visa Application Process

Spanish Golden Visa process is quite simple. This is a brief overview of the steps to follow.

Step 1: Firstly you select your favourite investment option. These investment possibilities are listed in the above section under the heading “Investment Options for Spanish Golden Visa”. Additionally, our group made up of Golden Visa experts can help you evaluate the options for investing.

Step 2: Once you have made your choice You then make and submit your request in order to get the Schengen Visa.

Step 3. At this point you will travel to Spain to give the authorities the necessary biometric information. This step typically takes about two months to be completed.

4. The last step in the process of applying is to await the outcome of the official review. The approval process or denial usually takes about 20 days.

Step 5: Apply for Your Spain Golden Visa and start taking advantage of its advantages.

The Documents Required required for Golden Visa in Spain

To be able to submit a request for a residence visa you must submit certain documents, in addition to your application forms:

1. A valid passport valid at minimum for a year
2. A certificate confirming that there are enough funds to cover the cost of living for the duration
3. Document to prove that you’re covered under medical insurance
4. The document issued by appropriate authorities that confirms the educational status for your child (if appropriate)

Each of these documents has to translate into Spanish and legally certified.

The process of opening a bank account along with the NIE Number

NIE also known as Numero of Identification Extranjero is translated as”the Foreigner’s Identification number. It is the Spanish NIE Number is an identification number for tax purposes. It is used to perform many tasks related to the Spanish tax system, as well as real property. It is utilized for tax payments, official purchases, or performing other official or legal activities. It is utilized for every fiscal transaction that involves tax administration. Spanish Tax Office. The NIE number is required for any foreigner who has financial, professional or social obligations in Spain. It is recommended to obtain an NIE number whenever you can, even if there isn’t any permanent residence requirement.

Non-EU citizens usually get their NIE application together with their Spanish residence. Spanish NIE numbers are required to complete many activities, including:

Opening an account with a bank
Legally employed
Taxes to pay in Spain
Selling or buying the property
Cars for sale or purchase
Self-employment is a way to earn money.
The process of registering a business
Learning in Spain
The process of getting an Spanish driver’s license
Arrange the distribution of utilities

Submission of the Application for a Golden Visa to Spain

In general, authorities have 20 days from the submission date for processing the application. If they don’t deny the application within this period, then the application will be automatically approved.

In certain situations, getting the Golden Visa in Spain might take as long as 10 months.

Spain Citizenship as Investment

Spain Golden Visa is a residency by investment program that provides investors with a residency permit in Spain as a reward in exchange for an investment. It’s not a straight path to citizenship. If, however, you receive the Golden Visa and decide to stay in Spain it is possible that you will become eligible for citizenship in 10 years.

There are a few requirements that must be met in order to become a citizen within the nation, for instance abstaining from your citizenship. This is why talking to experts and lawyers can help you before making the commitment.

Spain Golden Visa Renewal Process

Initial Golden Visa that is granted is valid for one year. You can extend the validity up 5 years. After five years, you can apply for an permanent visa.

To be able for extending the Residence Visa:

You must hold a valid Investors Residence Visa or one that expired not more than 90 days prior to the expiration date,

You should have been in Spain at least one month in the preceding year,

Your investment must remain in place

You still need to satisfy the requirements for a visa that allowed you to obtain a residency visa first in the in the first.

The Golden Visa is a great way to enjoy Spain Benefits

Traveling Benefits

Spain is an ally of EU as well as the Schengen zone, allows visa-free travel to a variety of countries. The most commonly referred to “Schengen” countries include: Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Spain Golden Visa Program includes the possibility of living with your family. A lot of investors opt for their programs to improve educational requirements for their child. Since it is an EU member, Spain offers a wide selection of schools that cater to international students of society.


There are numerous pension schemes that you can choose from in the Spanish financial market, and Spain is known as a fantastic destination to retire.

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Golden Visa for Spain

What is an Golden Visa in Spain?

It is a brand new type of visa for residence, made by the law 14/2013, dated 27th of September. It is designed for foreigners from other countries who wish to be admitted to the Spanish territory to undertake substantial capital investments.

What are the various kinds that are available for Golden Visa in Spain?

The law defines two main categories. Capital and other investments (in public debt as well as the social share of Spanish companies as well as bank deposits within Spanish financial institutions, and purchasing real property) as well as other types that invest (creation of an entity with general interests, the hiring of highly professional qualifications and transactions within the same business).

Do my Golden Visa authorize me to freely move around the Schengen zone?

Yes. Spain investment visa permits you to travel freely in the “Schengen” zone (Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden along with Switzerland).

Can I maintain the tax residence of my clients outside of Spain?

Yes. You are able to maintain your tax residency outside of Spain in the event that you remain in Spain for that is less than 183 days each year. Additionally, your residence permit is able to be renewed even if you are absent for that exceed six months each year.

Do I need this Golden Visa authorize me to work?

Yes. It is true. Golden Visa authorizes you to reside and perform work within Spain.

How do I get to remain in Spain using The Golden Visa?

The residence visa permits you to reside in Spain for a year. After this time has expired and you are no longer able to stay, a residence permit may be obtained for a period of two years. It is also renewable for a further two years, provided you show the ongoing performance of the investment.

Does the EUR500,000 amount apply to each candidate or for each application?

As a candidate, however, you are also able to include friends and relatives who are able to together and simultaneously or sequentially apply for the authorization and, in the event of a visa, request it. However, they must satisfy the basic conditions and establish the relationship through documents.

Can I purchase several properties with the same amount of Spain investor visa?

Yes. The definition of real estate assets as defined by law is not limited to one property, and it does not mean only one kind of property. In all cases the investment should be made prior to the issuance of the visa.

After the expiration of the maximum time period of five years, am I able to apply for long-term residency?

It is possible to request it, but it will not be automatically granted at the end of the permit to invest. In this situation it is necessary to prove the continued residence in Spain must be proved in order to acquire the permanent residence.

What conditions do I need to meet to gain access to the long-term residence?

In order to be eligible for long-term residency, it’s mandatory that you live legally and successfully legally and effectively in Spain over the past five years. This residency is valid is a sign that the time spent in the Spanish Territory must be less than six consecutive month and not exceed 10 months in the five years.

Does the duration of legal residence in Spain will count in the process of applying for the nationality?

Yes. The amount of time spent in Spain legally is a factor for the long-term residency request and the nationality.

Can I directly access my residence permit for the next two years, without needing to get an investor’s permit?

There is no need to possess the investors’ authorization that lasts for a year. The residence permit can be requested anytime without needing to wait for the completion of the year.

Are you sure? Spain the country where you can invest and become a citizen?

Spain Golden Visa program isn’t an easy way to become a citizen. But, if you’ve been living in Spain for a minimum of 10 years and meet the requirements that you meet, you may be eligible to become a citizen.