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How to Get a Non-Lucrative Visa Spain: A Step-by-Step Guide

Non-EU nationals can live in Spain for up to three years on a Non-Lucrative Visa Spain (NLV) if they don’t work or conduct business there. It is sometimes referred to as a retirement visa or a non-working visa.

For those who wish to spend a significant amount of time living in Spain, including retirees, digital nomads, students, and those with passive incomes, this visa is a suitable choice. For those who wish to relocate to Spain to be near their family, it is also a viable choice.

Qualification Standards

You have to fulfil the following requirements in order to be qualified for a Non-Lucrative Visa Spain:

Without working, you must have enough money to sustain your family in Spain and yourself.

In Spain, you are required to obtain health insurance, either public or private.

A spotless criminal record is a prerequisite.

You cannot be a citizen of a nation where the European Union has imposed a visa ban.

Documentation Needed

In order to apply for a Non Lucrative Visa Spain , you must provide the following paperwork:

a filled-out application for a visa

an authentic passport

A pair of passport-sized images

Evidence of adequate financial resources, such as investment portfolios, bank statements, or pension income statements

Evidence of health coverage

a good behaviour certificate from your nation of origin

Evidence of lodging in Spain

Procedure for Application

You must apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa to Spain at the Spanish consulate or embassy in your nation of residence. As the application procedure can take several weeks, early planning is essential.

The visa you will receive is valid for one year after your application is accepted. If you continue to meet the requirements, you can extend your visa for a maximum of three years.

Spain’s Non-Lucrative Visa Advantages

Possessing a Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain has numerous advantages, such as:

It is possible to live jobless in Spain for up to three years.

Travel inside the Schengen area is unrestricted.

In Spain, public healthcare is available to you.

Your kids can attend Spanish-speaking schools.

After five years of continuous residence in Spain, you can apply for permanent residency.

Cons of a Non-Lucrative Spain Visa

The inability to work in Spain is the primary disadvantage of a non-lucrative visa for Spain. If you wish to stay in Spain for an extended period of time, you will need to apply for permanent residency as you can only renew your visa for a maximum of three years.

Advice for Obtaining a Spain Non-Lucrative Visa

The following advice will help you apply for a Spain non-lucrative visa:

Before submitting an application, confirm that you fulfil all qualifying requirements.

Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork before submitting your application.

Fill out the visa application form completely and honestly.

Pay the application fee for a visa.

Arrive on time for your visa interview and be ready to respond to inquiries on your application.

Answers to Common Questions

What is the minimum amount of money required to be eligible for a Spain Non-Lucrative Visa?

A: The minimum financial requirement for obtaining a Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain is contingent upon your individual situation and the number of family members you plan to travel with. But, you need to bring enough cash with you so that, even if you don’t work, you can sustain your family and yourself throughout your visit to Spain.

Can I work in Spain with a Non-Lucrative Visa?

A: No, a non-lucrative visa for Spain is not valid for employment. You must apply for a work visa if you wish to work in Spain.

I have a Non-Lucrative Visa to Spain. Can I renew it?

A: If you still meet the requirements, you can extend your Non-Lucrative Visa Spain for a maximum of three years.

I have a non-lucrative visa; can I seek for permanent residency in Spain?

A: After five years of continuous residence in Spain with a Non-Lucrative Visa, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

In summary

If you wish to reside in Spain for a prolonged length of time without working, you may consider applying for a Non-Lucrative Visa Spain.