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5 Reasons To Choose Luxury Marquee Hire For Your Wedding

Do you have any doubts about the idea of a marquee?

If you decide to use an outdoor marquee at your wedding, it will create a truly unique atmosphere for you and your partner as well as your guests. It is possible to use all of your dreams ideas and make them the reality. It’s like an unfinished space as if you had an empty loft or a beach stretch and you’ll be able to transform it into the ideal wedding location, complete with bathrooms that are luxurious and equipped with electricity. Marquee weddings are a great way to transform simple spaces such as your backyard into a stunning wedding venue. We have compiled our top five advantages of having a luxury wedding marquee for your wedding ceremony:

The cost

There are numerous advantages of a marquee wedding not the least of which is the price. With the help of a marquee rental it is possible to transform an area that isn’t expensive into the dream wedding venue you’ve imagined.

Accommodating larger guest lists

If you choose to use a marquee at your wedding, you’ll be able to accommodate larger groups of guests easily. Your guest list will not be as limited like it would be for venues with set occupancy limit. This is particularly true when you’re in the outdoor parts of an estate with large gardens and lawns. In such cases, the clear-span marquee is able to accommodate larger lists of guests in a reasonable manner.

Marquee rentals are perfect for small, intimate weddings. The majority of venues require that you meet a certain number of guests to secure the venue. This can result in paying more for a number of guests than you actually require just to utilize the space. With a simple marquee, you can host the intimate wedding you’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice anything, not even your budget.

Create a Unique Celebration

If you design your wedding from scratch you will end up with an experience that only yourself and guests enjoy. With the option to select and pick items such as the tables, flooring and linens, there’s less chance that another wedding will feature similar design to yours. There is also the joy of wedding decorations like tables, flowers wedding favors, lighting…all the fun bits to complete your wedding’s design and make your wedding unique and distinctive on your wedding day.

A marquee will allow you to select a place that is special to you. Perhaps you have a favorite farm that was part of your family for in the summer, or your parents’ garden, or perhaps grandparents. Perhaps it’s a family location that is important for your… You can transform that place and turn into a memorable wedding location that will complete your wedding day.

You can also have an event that is themed. If you have an outdoor marquee will give you full control of the design and layout of the area so that you can come up with a consistent theme quickly. Themed weddings are on increasing trend, with couples selecting their own personal style and using the theme through their entire wedding.

Enjoy More Flexibility

A marquee wedding may give you more flexibility for the general wedding. There is no restriction on venue limitations. Certain venues will require that you choose their preferred suppliers , and you’ll have only a small chance to choose something different. The chairs will remain identical, as do the wedding cutlery and glassware, etc. Your wedding will look identical to the wedding the week before… Is this enough to make you feel special?

In the event that the weather turns nice then elevate both sides of your marquee. In the event that it is more unfavorable, you can lower them. Absolutely flexible!


You’ll be more flexible and flexible when it comes to timings if there is an event marquee in a location you choose. There is no need to adhere to a set time and are able to continue the wedding until the very end of the night if you want. So long as your neighbors are pleased with the arrangement – better include them on your guest list!