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7 Reasons to have a Tipi Wedding

Are you looking for a memorable wedding day that you are able to customize to your heart’s most romantic desires? An unconventional venue might be ideal for you.

In this blog the venue for our wedding close to Beverley provides seven reasons why you should think about the possibility of tipi hire for a wedding.

1. A blank canvas

If you are planning for a traditional wedding, there are a lot of elements of the decor you have no control over. In the event that you feel like the flooring, furniture or the wallpaper of the space isn’t to your liking it is important to take this into consideration and make compromises.

A tipi, however, is a place that could be turned into your ideal idea of the ideal wedding location. Some venues can even pick your catering, entertainment and vendors, so you can design your ideal wedding all in one place.

2. Connect with nature

A wedding in a tipi allows guests to take a trip into the beautiful outdoors. It also allows you to experience the most wonderful advantages of nature while still being protected from weather’s elements. Weather permitting your day will start with no hiccups.

It’s all about the location This is the reason why many tipis are found in the countryside, proudly amidst the wildflowers and enhancing the stunning landscape. In the daytime , the sun shines upon it with respect, while in the evening, a dress of fairy lights seamlessly mimics the stars of night.

3. Get rid of the stress

The most memorable weddings are ones where guests feel completely at ease within their surroundings. Tipi weddings are an alternatives to traditional wedding at an office or church and is often viewed as extremely stressful.

Tipis also offer an escape for the groom and bride away from the bustle and noise of a city venue. It is also not necessary to be a slave to the chaos of having to travel from one venue to another during the wedding day of the wedding, since the ceremony, breakfast, and dinner receptions can be held inside the tipi.

4. The WOW factor

It is highly likely that the majority of your wedding guests have been to a traditional wedding location, such as the church. Provide them with an unforgettable experience that fills their faces with wonder and wonder when they look at the venue you chose for your wedding.

The guests may have been to numerous weddings but yours is the one they’ll remember for a long time. With your creativity the wedding location has every chance of being as memorable as the recitation that vows.

5. Food vans

A variety of features of a Tipi wedding are not possible to incorporate in an indoor wedding location. One of these is food trucks, which are becoming more and more popular at wedding venues that are bespoke across the UK.

From wood-fired pizzas as well as fish and chips trucks can provide a variety of food to satisfy guests of any taste. Away from the pre-planned menus that are typically served at wedding breakfasts, these vans allow guests to select the meals they want.

6. Instagram worthy backdrop

Photography is an excellent method of capturing and preserving the memories of your day. Whatever way you style it or arranged, it is the Carton Tipi is picture-perfect from every angle, both outside and inside. If it is used in professional family photographs or selfies on the phone with your friends, you’ll be certain to get photos worthy of sharing with the world.

Sometimes, guests are able to drift off into the magic of your wedding day and they need to be reminded of the need to capture photos. We suggest leaving disposable cameras on every table, and used to record every moment.

7. The perfect all-year round

With a strong exterior layer of fabric, wedding tipsi are an ideal space to keep guests warm during the winter times. Also, during the summer and spring guests can enjoy the evenings inside the tipi.