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All About Nordic Lighting

Nordic lighting design is characterized by its individual, human-centered, holistic method of design. Solutions offer more than only energy savings, and also meet the requirements of.

Nordic lighting design is built on the foundations on the shoulders of Scandinavian design. This might seem to be obvious, but it might not be so obvious to people who aren’t from within the Nordic region. Referring to the widely-known concept “Scandinavian design” can create immediate positive associations. In addition, it provides an initial set of values, which includes aesthetic as well as functional/technical design aspects.

Nordic lighting designs are an integral component of Scandinavian Design traditions – minimalistic aesthetics and functional.

Nordic lighting designs are authentic top-quality in terms of material and appearance

The quality of the product should be emphasised to highlight the difference between the price-performance ratio. Quality products or service must include an objective level of quality (expressed in terms of numbers and specifications) as well as the subjective aspect of quality (ambience as well as perception).

Nordic style lighting is a combination of design and solutions that mold light according to the needs of humans.

The detailed and passionate admiration of light (i.e. not the source of light, windows or luminaires) in the Nordic countries is heavily dependent on the quality and flaws of Nordic daylight such as e.g. those with low angles as well as the differences in color and size. The winter sun creates Nordic people extremely sensitive to receiving adequate light (artificial light and daylight) and light that has the right colour temperature as well as light that does not create glare, and light that helps create an atmosphere.

Nordic lighting designs are the best harmony between aesthetics, function and environmental sustainability.

The Nordic countries enjoy a strong place in the field of sustainable technology. A lot of projects are motivated by energy efficiency which is why Nordic Lighting Design is not just about aesthetics and function, but also energy efficiency as well as durability and environmentally friendly materials. The regulations for energy within Nordic nations are some of the toughest in Europe.

Nordic lighting designs are a style that enhances the quality of life by interfacing with the architecture and spaces

The world we live in is determined by space and light and light. There is no light, there is no structure. Light is manipulative. It can be used to highlight and obscure. Light is a shaper and creates the direction and focus. The design conscious of light, in conjunction with architecture is essential to ensure a healthy human experience and working environments. This Nordic Lighting design approach can be seen in every design or product category provided that these conditions are a part of. The style can be minimalist, simple and slender however, it is still in concordance with the concept.

Nordic lighting design is

A key element of Scandinavian Design traditions – minimalistic design and practicality

High-quality materials and perceptions in terms of material and perception

Design and solutions that the human experience

The ideal balance between aesthetics, function and sustainability

Design that enhances the quality of life by interacting with architecture and space