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An Interview With Mikey Trapstar

London influences have begun to spill across U.S. soil in recent time. They’ve been displaying themselves as tracksuits and soccer jerseys, running shoes, and even grime. This is a perfect fit for the team in Trapstar London, who have an alliance with Puma currently in the planning stages.

In the past images of a red-and-black Disc Blaze appeared online on the Internet and we were sure it was a smart move by Puma along with Trapstar. The UK streetwear brand, famous for its largely black-out clothing and growing fan base, had not launched sneakers until now. The first pair of sneakers looked good with its high-end, red and black leather. This made Disc Blaze palatable for those who were not familiar with the brand.

It wasn’t just an accidental collaboration between Puma and Trapstar. The fast-growing London label was talking with Puma for several years and finally everything happened, which led to the release date of December 5 for the shoes, with more to come.

To gain a better understanding of the brand We had a chat with Mikey Trapstar the creative director of the brand. Here are his thoughts.

How did you become a work for Puma?

It’s been quite a while. I talked to them back in 2012 however, it wasn’t the appropriate timing. We didn’t get what we wanted using silhouettes as we had been busy with the structuring of our business. Then , we reconnected contact last year and took the necessary steps to get it working.

Why is there a Disc Blaze?

After we met, that was my sneaker. I was wearing white shoes made by Sophia Chang. Many people prefer the Suede however, that’s the style I chose. It was a personal decision.

Is Puma similar to in London?

It’s growing. It’s becoming more integrated into the street culture. It’s becoming more accepted than just the clothing but also the footwear too. They’ve made more efforts in making the brand more accessible to the city.

Does the brand have a prominent place in the grime world?

There were guys who resembled Section Boyz wearing the brand. There were some brands in 2002, at the time that grime was a thing and were worn by pioneers, like Wiley. The top three rappers currently include Stormzy, Novelist, and Section Boyz, and they’re all tied to certain brand names. That’s why Puma has a tie-up along with Section Boyz. They’ve been sporting it, and not just as influencers. You can watch photos of them sporting the suits right from the head down which they bought themselves. That’s real. This will be a major factor into London historical culture. Also, there’s Krept and Konan that aren’t considered grime in the traditional sense but they’re both the largest hip-hop artists within the UK. They’ve signed an endorsement deal with Puma for about two or three years. If you think about the past 10 years, you’ll be able to see the same as Tommy Hilfiger and Wu-Tang.

Are you creating products in the hope that it will be popular within the States?

I’m back and forth from here. I’ve made friends outside of the field. It’s the “London” guy everywhere I go. I’m not worried about whether it’s going to be a hit. I create something that is representative of us. We’re bringing our culture to the world and we’ll export. We began making lots of soccer uniforms and today you’ll have a lot of musicians sporting the jerseys. It’s not like we began an era. I would wear an Arsenal jersey whenever I was outside of the UK. The sneakers are paired with a football shirt too. It’s impossible to create the basketball or baseball jersey and think that we made a statement for ourselves and the brand. When I surf the Internet and find Young Thug sporting the soccer uniform I think, “OK,” because I’m a huge fan of his music. This is how I’d like my brand to be perceived.

What made you pick the colors of the shoes?

White Noise was the White Noise print came about in 2007, however we did not have the manufacturing capabilities to create as an over-all print. Now that we’re manufacturing things in Italy and can make this print. This is what I wanted my brand to be recognized for. It’s black with a some red. There were times when you would visit our site and see nothing but black with a hint red. The black and red is always one of our colors for Trap. White Noise White Noise is a catching-on thing that is a symbol of “20/20 perception.” If you’re able to discern the flaws in people’s appearances it’s known as”the” White Noise print. The Dark Knight’s logo is always black with some red. This is why the first shoe is intended for those who wore the brand prior to the time that it was released. White Noise came out.

Do you prefer to own a clothing brand or even to own your own sneakers?

It’s insane. This is why I’m disappointed to not have my shoes at my feet this moment. As the creative director of an organization, I would like to be able to put on my clothes right from head to foot someday. I’ve got my own clothes and jackets, T-shirts and jackets as well as my own shoes that I’ve been a part of and others fuck with. It’s an incredible thing. I’d like to have worn the sneakers for a period of six months prior to when they were released. It’s an important thing to remember because I was raised spending the majority of my money on sneakers. I’ve never queued. I’ve had to pay extra, however. I’ve sold, but I’ve kept, but I’ve never worn. I’ve even bought two. I’ve put in. I believe it’s the right the right time for those who have been with me for the past 10 years to buy the sneakers, and everyone has a collection of sneakers these days. They’re becoming more important than clothes since we dress in a way that is bottom to top. What I wear on my feet will determine what I wear to my body.

You’re an Arsenal supporters the kits they use are manufactured by Puma. Do you find it strange that you’re working with the company?

It’s a strange coincidence that I’m an advocate for Arsenal and own an Arsenal-branded sneaker. If I put the shoes to my feet it’s an amazing sensation. It’s also not one-time event. We’re working on more than what the public is likely to observe. It’s humbling. I don’t think it’s luck, nor would I call it a right. I brought my nephew to a few games. He’s an Arsenal enthusiast. He has more knowledge than I do. When he visits my room and all he is watching is sports. I took him there for his birthday. I gave him a few kits and had them signed by him. This is definitely a benefit. That’s lucky.

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There’s more than one brand that Puma is working with. What’s it like being in the same company as other celebrities like Rihanna?
It’s even more humiliating, since they aren’t required to play with you. However, they did want us. They’re selecting only the very top.