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FAQs Around Nose Jobs In Turkey

What is the term rhinoplasty?

A nose surgery, also known as Rhinoplasty is an operation that is performed to alter the shape or dimensions of the nose. Because the nose is in the middle part of your face, small changes to the nose can cause significant improvements to the overall appearance that the facial features display. Rhinoplasty is among the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery, and is in great demand in the present.

What are the procedures that need to be performed prior to nose surgery?

Prior to the rhinoplasty procedure make sure you share with your physician all drugs you’re currently taking as well as your lifestyle, such as drinking and smoking. Particularly, medications that cause blood-thinning effects should be stopped one week prior to the procedure and other medications could require you to use them at a constant rate, including the date of the surgery. In addition the anesthesiologist’s evaluation and blood tests are conducted to monitor the risk of bleeding and certain infections prior to the procedure. If you suffer from a condition like high blood pressure or heart rhythm disorders, or diabetes, it’ll be required to have an initial evaluation of the procedure by the specialist in question and obtain any suggestions, if any.

When do the plaster and silicone sheets put in the nose to be removed during nose surgery?

When the silicone sheets within your nose is removed the second or third day The thermoplastic plaster that is outside the nose remains for 7 to 10 days. Because the silicone sheets don’t adhere to the nose, discomfort is not felt during removal.

How long will I have to be in the hospital following nose surgery?

One of the main reasons Turkey is so well-known as a place to go for rhinoplasty is because team members of hospitals and doctors in the clinics are friendly, very caring and courteous to patients. Patients are able to take a break for a short time following the procedure and then go home, however because it is easier in a hospital setting to deal with issues like bleeding, the blood pressure drops that are related to anesthesia as well as nausea, it is recommended for patients to remain in the hospital that day, and be discharged the following day. The entire team of doctors will take care of the patient throughout the time they are in the hospital. Patients do not have any hesitation to trust Turkish doctors.

How do you define health tourism?

Health Tourism. If we take these scientific guidelines to define health tourism, then we can claim that the need of someone to leave their country and seek treatment in a different nation to restore their health. Health tourism around the world and also in Turkey is rapidly growing trend in recent years . It is a significant alternative form of tourism.

It is crucial to incorporate all forms of health care within the definition of the health tourism. Health tourism, however, is usually analyzed in three categories.

1-Medical Tourism

2-Thermal Tourism

3-Geriatrics as well as Disabled Tourism

Medical tourism is one type of tourism that takes place when a country’s medical resources are inadequate or the patient needs to undergo treatment in an international hospital or have surgery.

The thermal tourism industry is a form of tourism that is aimed at healing and relaxing in thermal spas in areas where the waters of thermal springs are believed as curative over time to improve both bodily as well as spiritual health.

Tourism for the elderly and disabled Stays for long-term periods with social activities, excursions as well as occupational therapies for seniors and disabled; aged care services; rehabilitation services in the hospital for the sick It also includes special care and excursions for disabled people. Hospitals, leisure zones holidays resorts, hotels, and nursing homes are among the most frequently used service areas.

To what purpose is Health Tourism Useful?

There are many reasons for patients to visit for treatment. Cosmetic, eye, dental prosthesis, cardiovascular and joint as well as infertility treatment and IVF are a few subjects that are frequently discussed in the world of health tourism. Alongside these many patients who travel to health to have simple exams or treatment and screening for an illness is high.

Here are a few of the most frequent motives for people to travel to seek medical attention:

Insufficient or non-existent professional, high-tech health and Human resources within their native country
Long standby time
Because health care services are costly in their nations, the same service is more affordable in other nations.
You want to receive top quality medical treatment
Don’t want his procedure to be publicized for any reason within his country of residence.
Are you having issues with your health insurance
The chronically ill, the disabled and the elderly would like for treatment within a completely different setting,
People who are dependent on alcohol or drugs would like to remain indifferent or prefer appropriate to certain situations.
You want to enjoy a relaxing vacation with treatments
Looking to gain from the geographical and climatic features of a nation that are different from the one in which he lives (such as countries that have highlands, forests, or a diverse history and cultures)
The desire to interact with thermal waters in countries that have thermal facilities

Health tourism can be very varied and can have a variety of reasons. The most important reason is that patients wish to resolve their health issues in other country that has better health facilities or receive the same services at a lower cost.

The reason nose job Turkey surgery has become so sought-after?

Doctors are highly successful in what they do , and have a wealth of experience.
The latest technology products are utilized in clinics
Clinics are clean, comfortable and relaxing
More options for accommodation
Friendly, welcoming people
The diversity is high in the field of tourism
There are too several plastic surgery centers
The price is reasonable

What is the reason Turkish physicians are so much more knowledgeable than doctors from other nations?

A majority Turkish people are dissatisfied about the appearance of their noses. This can be one of the major reasons why nose surgery has become very well-known in Turkey. This is why Turkish doctors have plenty of experience performing rhinoplasty procedures. A American doctor is not able to operate on all kinds of noses in the United States, as in Turkey. If you travel to Korea where their noses are similar, but Turkish people have narrow noses with arched sides and are treated. That’s the reason why Turkey has more skilled surgeons for every type of nose.

Other plastic operations are preferred in Turkey


The United States does not make it to the top of the list which puts rhinoplasty at the top spot. Many people visit their doctor’s office to get their nose looking better. The nose is the main focus of the face. It also creates a certain look to the face.

Chest Reduction

The typical breast size of Turkish women is expected to be huge and therefore the breast reduction procedure has been the second most frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the country. Particularly, women who have given birth often and had their breasts expand like this surgery.


Turkey is generally a fat country. The food we eat is so good that our oils from our region frequently disappear. In such cases while liposuction can’t be employed to shed excess weight, the process of shaping your body can be an effective way to get rid of excess weight.

Breast Augmentation

This particular procedure, particularly demanded by girls in their teens and teenagers, has become an increasingly sought-after cosmetic procedures in Turkey. Breast augmentation surgeries, in which doctors are now offering very natural looking images, are increasing in the popularity.

Eyelid Surgery

As we age, an increase is seen on the eyelids. This is a sign of our age and, in addition, it makes people uncomfortable when they close and open their eyes. This is why there’s the eyelid aesthetics. It is done very quickly and without any side effects. It gives a youthful and fresh appearance. Turkish ladies seem to enjoy this type of look.

What is the cost of nose surgery calculated?

Even the tiniest error that could be made could result in an additional operation. Therefore, it is essential to seek out professionals, skilled, and experienced medical professionals. Prices for rhinoplasty are usually determined by these standards in 2021. It’s not possible to establish a standard cost for nose surgery costs.

Each nose’s shape, nose structure and the procedures differ from one another. The main factors that affect the cost of rhinoplasty include:

One of the main aspects that affect the cost of nose surgery is the characteristics of the procedure performed. The procedures to be used to nose surgery impact the cost of nose surgery. The same procedures aren’t employed for the initial surgery and for the second one.

So, the costs will differ for everyone.

The knowledge, experience, and recommendations of the physician who will be performing the procedure determine costs. Information such as the location and the province in which the procedure will be carried out will also affect the cost of rhinoplasty.

There are various techniques that are used during nose surgery. The method in which these procedures are used, the time of the operation , and the risk are distinct from one another. These factors influence the cost of rhinoplasty.