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Getting Your Menswear Style Right

It seems in today’s world, the last thing we need has more guidelines. But advice from a professional is highly beneficial and, as menswear gets more and more varied, in moments of doubt and confusion it is helpful to have a backup position that you can rely on. These “rules” tend to be rooted in history and are always conservative – they’ve worked for generations and are still relevant even today.

1. Choose a suit that’s right for you.

Modesty is key here. If you’re purchasing off the rack , make sure your shoulders are sized correctly so that they can be easily altered to fit your waist and chest. If this is your main or only suit, beware of trendy as well as “time piece” suits that appear nice in the store, however, they tend to exaggerate the importance of your appearance. These suits can often be very short lived and start to appear like a novelty in time. Classic is best and is the most practical suits that are dark, two-button single-breasted, and moderate in the details. It is important to see this suit as a canvas to create different concepts in terms of personal style around. It’s how that you dress, rather than what’s insidethat makes a statement.

2. Get a great watch

A watch for men, is like a work of art. It can show your character at a glance. If you only possess one high-quality watch, ensure that it is practical, but practical and not exaggerated. The most attractive, functional, and durable sports models go with anything and can withstand the harsh hits of daily wear. The golden standard for size is 40mm. However, be aware that when it comes to the wrist size this is only an approximate guideline. The fit must always match the height of the person that is wearing it.

3. Be confident with color.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s casual, or formal wear or formal, a splash of color is something that you must indulge in. Most men are intimidated by the color and tend to stick to predominantly grey and navy, but color is timeless, too. We suggest pinks, greens, mustard and brighter shades of blue as especially versatile colors for the year that can enhance your overall look. Keep in mind that when it comes to colors it is best to limit yourself: One garment in an outfit can be enough.

4. Wear your jeans often

A trendy Jeans are slim taper. It’s wider on the thigh and remains comfortable, but it also narrows so that you can wear informal or semi-formal footwear. Jeans are a must in your wardrobe So don’t be afraid to wear them till they are worn and comfortable.

5. Look after your appearance

This is the type of advice you might expect to hear from your mom. You’ve spent money on all of these products, and it’s important to take care of these items. Acquire some good hangers, dry clean your clothes, utilize the gentle cycle when you use the washing machine, and try to avoid the tumble drying. Be sure to clean and polish your footwear regularly and press your shirts and pants as needed. The same can be said for you. Make sure to brush your teeth and hair regularly, shower, style your hair, clip your nails and trim unwanted hair.

6. The right quality underwear can help you feel fantastic

Pick your clothes so that you feel relaxed and secure. There is no greater annoyance than wearing clothing that has seams everywhere. Remember that when you are working out, there is a good chance that you will be seen in your underwear, so make sure it fits properly and is stylish and subdued.

7. Good shoes are the best for a man

If you’re dressing formal or simply going for a walk, choose a high-quality shoe that’s not overly crowded and has a branded. Shoes that are cheap lose their shape and are very limiting in the kind of outfit they can go with. Numerous men’s magazines say they believe that menswear footwear is the main element in making a great first impression, so make sure they’re a top pair and that they are properly maintained.

8. Limit your accessories to a minimum

One of the most effective ways to be noticed in a crowd is to wear vibrant colors and patterns, however it’s not always the type of attention you are looking for. For a general rule, try to keep your accessories as simple accents and opt for pieces with very little roughness. This approach will also serve you when mixing your accessories with other clothes because it tends to complement your outfits. Obviously there are times for brash style, but as far as a guideline for men’s general style it is recommended to choose subtlety over flashiness.

9. Be aware of your own

There are people who can walk into an area and be noticed no matter the clothes they are wearing. They project an image of their confidence, which is a sign of confidence. Wear clothes that enhance your confidence and make one feel confident in his body. Nothing is more stylish than someone who’s given a dress code when it doesn’t match their personal style.

10. Make sure to remember the place you are

It’s crucial to be in tune with your attire to the event. You will obviously look more formal for a formal event with a tie than at a fund-raising event that has dancing. Under dressing or over dressing is likely to cause you to feel uncomfortable, and your confidence will suffer.

11. Glasses aren’t just for eyes

A great set of spectacles will tie your wardrobe together. Be sure to choose a pair which complements the style you are trying to achieve and not feel embarrassed to wear glasses. Glasses are stylish and contemporary are an crucial element of your appearance.

12. Choose your outerwear wisely

It used to be that a coat that was appropriate for to any occasion was typically wool and would not perform well in extreme conditions. Today , with the numerous styles and fabrics available in outerwear there’s always an outfit that is both lightweight and functional. It is important to ensure that it can be worn over a variety of looks from casual to formal.

13. A basic shirt can be a great choice.

It may be surprising to know that a basic shirt as long as it’s nicely pressed is likely to be the most useful piece of clothing you can have. A properly pressed shirt that has a collar but without tie also works for 90% of the events you’ll go to.

These guidelines are an essential guideline for people starting out into their fashion, but remember that when you get a little time rules can be broken when you are more comfortable with who you are fashionable. Stick to these basics and add some flair when you’re at your best and you won’t be able to make a mistake.