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Pros and Cons of Wedding Videography in Oxfordshire

One of the biggest choices that brides and grooms fight over is whether they should hire an event videographer or not. Of course, there are plenty of couples that are happy with only a photo album to commemorate their wedding day.

In order to avoid regret in the future, take a decision that is whether you want to you should hire a wedding videographer. Or the opposite, you don’t require or want one. Do not put this choice to the last minute until it’s too late choose a professional videographer who is experienced for your wedding.

Here are some suggestions to help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional Oxfordshire wedding videographer


Keep it in your mind more clearly Wedding photos are great to remember your #BestDayEver every day, while the wedding video will let you revisit the memories of your wedding on each anniversary.

Video and photos Wedding videos are the perfect way to show the emotions and spirit of your wedding in full audio, color, and motion, particularly in the event that all your family and friends can’t be present on your wedding day.

Action and audio shots You can hear your speeches and laughter and emotions. As a photographer, I am a big believer in wedding videography. It adds way to add value to your wedding that you can’t find in any other way.

Make a family heirloom Like photographs of your wedding day, your wedding film is a different way to be able to share your wedding with the future generations of your family.

BTS as well as wedding-day fun Watch some of the wedding moments that you may have overlooked for example, at cocktail hour or the reception. Certain videographers are skilled for incorporating “Easter egg” surprise gifts from your guests to be able to see just for your first wedding film!


The risk of having a limited wedding videography experience: Wedding videos is different from commercial or hobby video. Make sure you watch at least three wedding videos of videographers you’re considering , to ensure that the shots are clear, the audio is in balance and your wedding day is fully captured. If the videographer you’re considering offers to film your whole wedding day for a price of the price of $0 to $800, be aware of the quality of the final footage you’ll get.

Collaboration with other vendors When your vendors aren’t comfortable working with each other and there is an not-said “competition” for the most effective images between your photography or video crews. This could result in unexpectedly long time for photos on your wedding day, and uncomfortable situations between your vendors , which can affect the wedding day experience.

There are more vendors to manage In the same way as the photography team which includes one lead and an assistant the videographer’s team will also have a lead and an assistant. The inclusion of a videographer on your wedding ceremony can increase the number of vendors that you’ll be surrounded by throughout your wedding day. So make sure you are prepared, particularly if your venue is limited in space.

There could be more pros and cons to wedding videography that are unique to your specific situation Be certain to take a look at everything. Think about whether videography is the best option for your wedding, as you allow ample time to research, book and budget for wedding video, if you choose to pursue this option.