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The 15 Style Rules All Men Should Learn

There are plenty of rules to follow in this world. However, some can be helpful. For example, the rules that dictate how to dress. Of course, every person or woman with opinions on these matters is based on personal experience and it is no surprise that the style that works for one individual does not always work for someone else and what’s good for one person may be considered boring or trendy by other. Therefore, when you’re dressing the way you want to dress, these suggestions must be taken on faith. They’re sound suggestions and not the final word on fashion.

But fashion-forward tips for men are not to be snubbed And, as the menswear market is becoming ever more extravagant and diverse, always more innovative and abundant and ever more fashionable when faced with confusion and self-doubt, it may aid in having a alternative which cuts through the clutter.

The tips on how to dress for men are built on the foundations of history. They’ve been used for a long time, and may be believed to be useful in the present. They are built on the simple and so simple that they’re frequently ignored the importance of a good fitting, quality, flexibility, great value, no extremes and staying sober.

There are more guidelines that are not described here. You may have discovered yourself. It is a part of the enjoyment of wearing clothes, and does not mean that you shouldn’t be testing new clothes to see if it fits your style, and then observing how you feel. These rules have endured the years and, when applied in conjunction they serve as a reliable guide to dress properly for the modern man.

1. Wear A Suit Well

The most important aspect of an outfit that looks good is a good fit. If you’re purchasing off-the-peg be sure to look for the shape across the shoulders, as having the waist and chest adjusted is an easy task, in the opinion of Davide Taub, head of custom suiting for Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes. “Be careful when wearing a period-style suit without a period look, as in isolation the suit begins to appear like a novelty” Taub says. Classic is the best and is the most practical Dark, two-button single-breasted, with moderate details. “It’s non-stupid. A suit is an uniform. It is important to see the suit as a canvas for you to construct different ideas of individuality. It’s how your wear the garment, and not the tag inside that makes a statement.”

2. Make smart investments in a watch

“A watch is an art piece,” argues Don Cochrane who is the director of management at British brand Vertex. “Choose your watch because of the way you like it and not because it will make you profits. Watches are a personal thing, and they are a way to mark your progress through the years. However, it is also important to remain practical.” Functional, attractive sporting models are able to go with everything and are able to withstand the punishment of everyday wear. But, a watch needs to be comfortable for to your needs. It must feel comfortable and also be in the right proportions of dimensions and depth to your wrist also 40mm is the “Goldilocks” size.

3. Don’t Be Shy About Color

If you’re wearing casualwear or formal wear, indulge in a little color. “Most men are frightened of colour – they’re scared by anything that’s not gray or navy,” says menswear designer Oliver Spencer. “But colours isn’t just for the trendy.” Green suits, as an instance can be particularly stylish as well. Spencer suggests mustard, greens, pinks and lighter hues of blue to be versatile shades throughout the year that can make your outfit look more attractive. However, he says that in terms of colour it is best to limit yourself: “You just need a little bit, and within one outfit.”

4. Wear Your Jeans Up Wear Your Jeans Until They’re Yours

The most practical cut of the world’s most loved item According to Alex Mir, co-owner of the Sheffield-based label Forge Denim, is ‘slim-tapered’. “It’s larger in the thigh area, which means it’s more comfortable, however it narrows which makes it suitable for sneakers or shoes that are smart,” he advises. “It’s the perfect all-year-round, wear with anything, dress it up or down.” The stylish are those who wear raw, dark jeans too and give the distressed denim an open room. “The main benefit of denim is that it gets older by the way your wear it. What’s the reason to miss the opportunity to age?”

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5. Take Care of Your Appearance

It’s the sort of advice that your mother could give, but if you’ve put money into your clothes, take care of it. Utilize wooden hangers for your shirts and shoe trees to keep your most stylish shoes. Get your suit dry cleaned and pressed clean your clothes frequently and, in the best case scenario do not tumble dry them (it can cause the fabric to degrade) as well as clean your footwear. It’s not only the leather’s skin jacket that you have to take care of. The same applies to the other one you wear everyday. Set up a basic but not less reliable grooming routine to brush your hair, and trim your nails. In the end, the problem lies in the small particulars.

6. Keep Your Underwear Simple

The style of clothing isn’t just what people observe. In the case of men’s underwear There are two rules to adhere to. One, prints that are novelty are not appropriate for men of a certain age The other is that “your underwear isn’t the right place to show your personality,” as shirt and underwear maker Emma Willis notes. Two the underwear that is heavily branded lacks sophistication. “Of all the places you can be confident not to wear brand names, your underwear should be one of them,” adds Willis. The most popular style that has endured through the years, obviously can be found in the cotton boxer brief or boxer brief. This is likely due to the fact that (as it is with cotton) they are able to withstand frequent washing, are breathable and are soft with your own skin.

7. Spend money on shoes

“Timelessness is all about simplicity and especially when it comes to shoes,” says Tim Little, owner of the iconic brand of shoes Grenson. “The color, the design and the sole – you don’t need it to be sexy. Any thing that is too fanciful may look nice at the moment but it’s going to look odd fast.” High-end shoes the gold standard is rubber-soled Goodyear welted models are an investment that can last fifteen years or more.

Select classic designs like the Jumper boot made by Myrqvist or the classic brogues, loafers, or a simple five-eyelet Derby in dark shades on round-toes and don’t forget to buying dress socks of high quality too. “It’s what the form of your toe is that matters – and round always looks trendy,” says Little. “It’s pointed toes or square-toed that appear to be unpractical. No one has feet such as that.”

8. Limit Access To A Minimum

Accessories such as pockets squares and ties add an individuality to traditional clothing however, be cautious when you wear these accessories. “It’s recommended to match the accessories with your clothes by choosing a color or two. It’s also possible to mix the two,” says Michael Hill the creative director of the men’s accessories brand Drake’s. “What you do not want is to mix them up.” When you’re looking to create the perfect the perfect tie and shirt combo make sure you wear the tie and pocket squares in a lighter hue that your shirt. Don’t go overboard with the accessories. If you’re unsure, think less is more, and remove the one thing off. “You’re trying to convey a sense of calmness,” adds Hill. “You only need one thing that is interesting.”

9. Know Yourself

There’s nothing less elegant than a man who is dressed in the way he thinks what he ought to wear instead of dressed in a way that he feels will best suit his personality. There are some caveats to this obviously and there’s no prize for dressing as the rodeo clown, unless you’re one. Whatever you’re wearing you need to be confident in the style. True fashion icons are able to express themselves in their own unique way, and have confidence in themselves that stems because their clothes are a second skin and not a dress.

10. Dress for The Setting

It’s not just about self-expression. It’s about dressing to suit your surroundings. Consider clothes as codes: you must have the appropriate outfit to go with the environment you’re in. That’s whether you’re having formal dining or a lazy Sunday at the pub. The most undesirable fashion is one that is inappropriate. Does this constitute a form of conformity? Not really, as one of Tom Ford’s often recited fashion quotes states that it’s a sign of respect for other people. Also, it’s about feeling at ease in your own skin. If in doubt, dress to impress.

11. Don’t be stingy with your glasses.

Make sure you find the ideal pair of spectacles for your needs. “People are spending an average of seven minutes selecting the pair that will determine their appearance for several years or so,” says designer of eyewear Tom Davies. “Poor selection and poor fitting is one of the reasons that so many people end up hating the glasses they wear.” Choose glasses that you are comfortable in and take into consideration the shape of your face, while considering the top of the frame in relation to your eyebrows’ shape – pair straight with straight and curved with curved, and also your hairstyle. Make sure you buy wisely, suggests Davies that there’s no sense in buying frames that aren’t worth the money and then being over-priced for expensive lenses as frames will appear shabby sooner or later.

12. Choose Versatile Outerwear

It’s tempting to go for a classic look however, modern fabrics with darker hues and cut-offs make coats what they ought to be – light and breathable and also adequately protected. “Changes in seasons, weather and purchasing habits have made heavy wool coats appear to be out of fashion,” suggests Adam Cameron who is the proprietor of outerwear retailer The Workers’ Club. “Think of a jacket as a final layer, one that you are able to wear in as much or under as you want.” A bomber jacket or field jacket is a great all-rounder but if you have some style, opt for a shorter mac.

13. Purchase a Dinner Suit Don’t Hire

Events that require formal dress may not be common however, they’re more demanding for that. Therefore, even though it may seem like an extravagant expense, having a suit for dinner that is appropriate to you, rather than letting one be hired makes more sense after a long period of wear. “With hiring you run the chance of a wearer appearing like a child in an extravagant, boxy suit,” warns Toby Lamb the design director at contemporary tailoring brand Richard James. Choose a classic dinner dress as you can: In midnight blue with singlebreasted fitted with satin lapels, and trouser seams. It’s also a given that you must learn to tie a bow tie yourself.

14. With Shirts and T-shirts, stick to The Classics

“It isn’t true,” says James Cook the head of bespoke shirtmaking at Turnbull & Asser, “but any shirt for men could be made to appear expensive if it’s pressed properly.” But, Cook is particular about the finer details. Choose a middle-ground He suggests that you stay clear of the bold designs unless you believe you’re able to pull it off and, if you want a collar that is suitable with or without tie and always fits properly underneath a jacket, go in a half-cutaway.

15. Know when to break the Rules

Learn when to respect dress codes, such as black tie and be aware of when to violate the rules. Some of them are for an excellent reason, usually due to the event or a higher authority – your boss perhaps requires to see it. However like Drakes’ Hill notes, “we tend to get caught on rules too as there’s always the possibility of taking them down”. This, after all, is the way that style evolves, slowly. “Enjoy the freedom that exists for you to be a mess.”