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What Makes A Good Wedding Photographer?

You have the gown, suits cakes, flowers, and an event band ….but what’s the most important thing that will be a lasting memory from your day? The photos you take should provide a stunning and timeless record of the most significant day of your life . They will allow every bride and groom relive the excitement and romance over once more.

The process of choosing a photographer for your wedding can be an overwhelming task, but I hope my top five tips will help you think about when making your choice.

1 – Image quality/style

The high-quality of the portfolio of a photographer is the primary factor that catches your interest. A professional photographer should be able to provide clients with various styles, while capturing the personality of the couple and capturing the joy and joy of the wedding day. Make sure you know what style you want and ensure that the photographer has this on their website.

If you’re drawn to one particular photographer, make sure that you request to see all of their photos (not only the ones they select for their websites!) to ensure that the quality of their images across the board.

Be aware that wedding photographers use various editing methods. If an image has been heavily edited , then it will be a frequent subject in their portfolios of photography and usually a way to hide the poor quality of an image.

The style of your photos should convey something about you as couples. If you’re looking for casual and relaxed photography or you would like to opt for a more adventurous and modern style, make sure to research and research.

2. Personality

As a bride or groom, you place an enormous amount of trust and confidence on the wedding photographer. To ensure that you get the most beautiful photos and an authentic account of the most significant wedding day in your lifetime, it’s essential that you feel comfortable and at ease in their presence.

It is usually evident in the first five minutes after meeting someone, whether you feel a connection or a connection. First impressions matter and if you immediately form an instant connection, then you’re in the right direction. If you are uncomfortable with your photographer due to any reason, it will be evident in the wedding pictures.

Think about your guests. When your photographer for the wedding is accessible and friendly, as well as easy to talk with Your guests will feel relaxed and allow the photographer to be part of the scene and document the day as it unfolds naturally rather than an overly posed and forced account.

Keep in mind that a genuine smile is hard to fake, so make your choice carefully and make sure you meet your photographer several times prior to confirming your booking.

3. Value for money/cost

This is often an important factor in the selection process for a majority of grooms and brides and, while it’s an important factor but it shouldn’t be the sole basis for your choice. The price of a luxury wedding does not necessarily assure the best quality, but similarly, affordable prices do not necessarily mean low quality.

Photographers should be transparent about their pricing structure and, in turn, you must be clear about the budget you have set. Both of you don’t want to waste time, so an open and honest dialogue from the beginning will solve this.

Your photographer should provide various packages that are suitable for everyone and must always be flexible in the pricing and what’s included in each package. Your photographer will be providing an experience and each couple will have their own expectations and needs, so ensure that the photographer can customize a package that is tailored to your requirements.

Be sure to inquire about hidden charges. Certain photographers charge an additional cost to edit, tax, or creating images for albums or even food and travel expenses. It is essential to ensure that all expenses are included in a quotation prior to entering into any contract.

4. Experience

The knowledge and experience of a photographer can play a significant role in the organization and structure that the event takes place. Many photographers would agree that they’ve played the roles as coordinator, photographer, master of ceremonies, and even children’s entertainer. Photographing the wedding is only one aspect of being a wedding photographer . Without the required experience and ability to work under pressure, important moments are easily lost.

Make sure you choose the wedding photographer who has worked at the wedding venue. It’s not a requirement, but the photographer should show the willingness to visit the location regularly, examining the most ideal photo spots and locations, as well as making time to go through the flow of the wedding day. It’s an excellent idea for the photographer to have a meeting with the wedding coordinator or venue owner to ensure that everyone is aware of the agenda for the day from beginning to end.

Make sure you inquire about the number of weddings they’ve attended since they started trading and the length of time they’ve been in business. It doesn’t mean they’re less competent even if they’ve only been operating for a brief period of time, but it will provide you with a clear picture of the amount of experience they have gained. If the photographer has been working for a long time and has experience of a plethora, you might be interested in determining if their style has evolved with the times and meets the requirements of a modern day wedding couple.

5 – Recommendations/Word of Mouth

Many of my bookings have been based on recommendations from former clients as well as word of mouth. If your family and friends are satisfied with the high-quality of the work and service of a specific photographer, then likely you will be as well. This should not be the primary reason behind the choice, but it should be the last piece of the puzzle.

Talk to your friends about their experiences with their wedding photographer . Also, attempt to take suggestions and tips from people who have organized the wedding of their choice. A professional photographer will be able to provide you with an honest review from past clients on request, or give you contact information in case you want to speak with them directly.

In the end the top five tips are not meant as being in any particular order in importance. Each one is as crucial as the other and when deciding on the best wedding photographer the combination of these elements must be considered as the basis for your choice. I wish you the best luck with the planning of your wedding and an enjoyable and long-lasting future together.