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Why Do We Wear Perfumes?

Perfumes are a major aspect of how we portray our self. Recently, we discovered that Smelling Good is a major factor in your Personal Branding Game. Why? Because they not only aid to fight off body odor they also improve your mood. There are many amazing benefits to applying perfume to your body physically. Let us give you 10 ways!

1. Fragrance

The most obvious of them all is that it makes you smell deliciously good! Perfume was historically used predominantly for its fragrance. It assists in keeping unwanted body odors at bay and makes sure you smell great all day long.

2. Positive Mood Enhancer

Studies have shown that certain scents can alter your attitude and “promote certain behavior” According to Pamela Dalton, PhD. Select scents that reflect your mood, to create your image as a more positive one. Choose and wear a scent according to the event so that you’re into the right mood for it.

3. Confidence booster

A scent spritz can do wonders for your character. Pick a scent that fits your character and will boost your mood and be prepared for any important event that comes up that you will encounter.

4. Alluring Attractiveness

A study from the Monell Chemical Senses Center was capable of proving this assumption regarding the connection between pleasing smell and physical attractiveness.

They conducted a test on 18 young adults by showing them pictures of female faces and simultaneously releasing five different smells including the most unpleasant one, an amalgamation of fish oil. The most pleasing is rose oil.

What happened? The smell of rose oil made participants see older faces as being younger, and younger faces as older than they were. Odors of bad smells were linked to negative impressions about their physical appearance.

5. Aphrodisiac

Additionally, scents can alter your friends’ perception of your physical appearance– for all women, try dabbling with floral or a spicy scent and you’ll appear to be 12 pounds less! If you’d like to appear five years younger, try some grapefruit scents. If you’re looking to take your relationship up a notch, try lavender to entice your partner.

6. Boosts Health

They are mood boosters and can assist in relieving anxiety and other anxieties to keep them at bay.

7. Triggers Memories

We are prone to associate certain people with certain scents. The smell is a fundamental trigger for us, and when we get the dapple of a particular smell from a fond memory, the feeling is happy and nostalgic simultaneously.

8. Aromatherapy

Perfume from an Islington perfumery and its essential scents provide therapeutic properties. This is why the phrase “Aroma Therapy: came into the picture. For instance, citrus fruit and floral, as well as winter spice fragrances help to calm the mind and relax the body. These scents will ensure that your stress levels are under control and healthy.

9. Treats Insomnia

In point number 8, smells can trigger a positive response. Do you want to rest and sleep? apply a few drops of lavender before heading to your bed.

10. Cure Headache

The scent of perfume can help get rid of that dreadful headache. Parfums contain essential oils as well as other active substances.