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Why Get Hair Extensions In London?

Hair extensions let you improve your hair’s natural appearance. If you’re sporting your typical look or planning something more elegant for a special event They’ve got you covered. What are the benefits of going for hair extensions to begin with?

If you’ve not used an extension of your hair or used wigs in the past it’s possible that you’re uncertain about whether they’re worth the money. In order to help you decide we’ve put together an overview of the advantages of hair extensions, as also the cons to help you decide whether they’re the best option for you!

Benefits of hair extensions:

Instant Length

The primary benefit that hair extensions offer is an length to your existing hair. Extensions come in a variety of lengths so the one you decide on is entirely up to your personal style preferences. Remember that the majority of extensions are put on to the crown region just below the surface so the length you choose for you may be a little larger in comparison to the real length extensions.

Maximum volume

The volume hair extensions provide to any hairstyle is one of our favorite advantages. For those who have finer hair and, in particular, people who suffer from hair loss and loss of hair Hair extensions can help restore some of the volume that was lost and assist you on your way back to being your gorgeous self once again!

Simple fashion

Hair extensions London are great for any kind of style and are a great help when testing something completely new. It could also be the final finish you’re looking for to finish a style that you’ve been trying for several months. They’re particularly helpful in the case of the styling of special occasions like weddings and celebrations, where you’d like to add some additional glamour, but don’t want to shell out salon fees to accomplish this.


Being able to choose an individual fashion is among the primary advantages of clipping to hair extensions. The versatility the hair extension’s versatility is why they are beloved by many. Hair extensions provide you with the opportunity to express yourself with styles that are most suitable for you. Your mood changes every day, and from one day to the next therefore why shouldn’t your hairstyle be able to reflect that as well?

It saves time

The styling process is not only simple, but certain extensions and hairpieces also make it easier for you to save time styling! Hairpieces like ponytails and scrunchies can be great choices for getting the exact style you’ve got in mind, without the burden of spending long hours watching YouTube tutorials on how to achieve these styles!

Colour experimentation

Similar with wig wear the option of hair extensions is an excellent opportunity to play around with a different shade. Since most people want their extensions to look natural, we don’t suggest choosing the opposite side of the color chart (if you’d like to play around with your hair and you’re feeling adventurous, take a risk). In the beginning, we’d suggest choosing hair extensions that are that are a couple of shade lighter in comparison to your original shade and then braiding, curling or curling your hair into an up-do. This will help make an illusion of shine.

Hair is not damaged

The perfect hairstyle without damaging your hair is too promising to be true isn’t it? Wrong! One of the advantages of clip-in hairpieces is the fact that they can provide all of the above without causing damage to your scalp and hair that weaves and glue-in extensions can cause. Additionally to that, if you’re giving your hair some respite from the heat of products while styling your hair using hairpieces and extensions they will only enhance your hair’s natural texture even more!


The main benefit of having hair extension is how much confidence they will bring to the person who wears the extensions. Hairstyles are a major factor in the self-esteem of many people and gives them the confidence to face the challenges ahead. If you’re confident and you’re feeling good you’ll be able to tell! If this is the case no matter what you do with your hair extensions. You’ll appear stunning no matter the style you choose to wear.

Hair Extensions’ negatives

They’re not permanent fixes.

While hair extensions are versatile and the ability to swap and switch your hairstyle every day, some prefer a permanent solution and don’t want to take off extensions while washing their hair or when they sleep. At Simply Wigs, we’d suggest staying clear of extensions that are more permanent, since they are more likely to cause harm to hair and scalp over time. If you choose to opt for sewn-in or glue-in extensions, for instance you should keep this in mind and study the results thoroughly prior to taking any decision.

Learn to clip in extensions

Some people who wear hair extensions, initially, may find it difficult to get used to the position and clipping-in process a bit difficult. After a bit of time and practice, it becomes second nature and you’ll develop your own routine and method that is most suitable for you.

They’re not a long-term fix.

Although hair extensions can be versatile and the ability to swap and switch your hairstyle every day, there are some who prefer a permanent solution and don’t want remove their extensions every time they wash their hair or when they sleep. At Simply Wigs we’d advise against longer-lasting options as they can cause more damage to hair and scalp over time. If you choose to go for sewn-in or glue-in extensions, take this in mind, and do your research on the results thoroughly prior to making any commitment to anything.

Be used to clipping extensions

Certain hair extension users initially find how to adjust to the placement and clipping-in process a bit difficult. But, with time and practice, it will become second nature , and you’ll develop your own routine and method that’s right for you. For a step-by-step explanation of how to clips onto your hair look through our guide to hair extensions.

A tip to remember: If you sense a little tension in your head due to the clips, you can put them in a different position on your head. This will help to ease the tension next time!

The more natural the style is, the more expensive the price

Similar to many items in the beauty industry the more realistically you would like it to appear the more it’ll generally cost. If you’re not looking for the more costly human hair extensionsavailable, there’s several amazing synthetic hair extension alternatives that are stunning. Additionally synthetic hair is typically more easy to maintain and shine is easily taken off to give them a appear more natural.

The primary reason to wear hair extensions is comparable to the primary benefit of wearing wigs which is to restore your confidence! So, whether you’re veteran of wig wearing or new to extensions. All we want is that you adhere to your personal style since when you’re feeling great and looking great, you’ll feel nice too!