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Justice Tarot Cards

The Justice Tarot card is among the strongest and important cards of the tarot deck. It’s often depicted with an individual woman with the sword in one hand, and an array of weights with the second. The scales are a symbol of equilibrium and judgment, whereas the sword is a symbol of justice and truth.
The Justice card symbolizes fairness, truth and the balance. It’s often a part of readings when we face crucial decisions or have to make ethical decisions. It embodies the values of justice and truth and asks us to take a look at our actions and the impact they could impact other people.

This Justice card also is tied to the idea of karma, which is the notion that what is good for one goes around. Our actions are influenced by the consequences of our actions which are both positive and negative and we are accountable for our choices. The Justice card is a reminder to be aware of our actions and behave with integrity.

In a tarot card reading it is possible that the Justice card could suggest a need for legal action or an intention for justice to be done. It may also mean that we must examine an issue to ensure we are fair and impartial when we act. This card may also signal the moment of reckoning and the necessity to accept any consequences for our choices.

The Justice card may also suggest the need for more balance throughout our life. It could suggest that we must discover a way to bring greater balance to our work, relationships or our personal lives. This could mean setting boundaries and making changes to our schedules or figuring out strategies to manage our obligations.

In the end overall, the Justice card is an effective call to remember the value of fairness, truth and a sense of balance within our everyday lives. It encourages us to think about your actions as well as the effect they have on other people, and to make decisions which are consistent with our ideals and beliefs. If this card is revealed in a tarot card reading this is an opportunity to be aware of our actions and be honest and compassionate.

Regarding the meaning of the card The sword and the scales are a representation of the concept of judgement. The sword symbolizes truth, and the scales symbolize the balance. The female figure on the card is the archetype of a Judge, the one who’s accountable for enforcing the law and making sure that justice is done.

The Justice card could be interpreted as an invitation to do the right thing. It calls us to be courageous and speak up against injustice and inequity. The message reminds us we have the ability to impact the world, and our actions can make an impact on the lives of others.

In conclusion, the justice tarot card is a strong symbol for truthfulness, fairness and equilibrium. It reminds us to remain aware of our actions and be honest and compassionate. It also illustrates the notion of judgement and the necessity of being a strong advocate for the right thing. If this card is revealed in a tarot card reading it’s an opportunity to be cognizant of our choices and be honest and compassionate.