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Taweez- Protection and Good Luck Religious Pendants

Taweez Taweez is a locket which is typically connected to Islam but one could discover ones that are connected with Hinduism as well. The Taweez usually has phrases of the Quran or other prayers, as well as symbols that are associated with Islam that are engraved on the metal piece that is part of the Taweez. The black or metal pendant is usually strung through a long black string. Some wear it around the neck, while others wear it on the arm.


It is typically worn by the majority of Sufis and some minority Muslims and it is believed that it will in removing and protecting the wearer from any negative or debilitating condition that might be brought on them by black magic. It is not just that, it is believed to bring luck. This is why it considered to be an amulet and a Taweez. But, the usage of the term Taweez is believed by many Muslims as a form of Shirk. Shirk is the term used to describe the crime of practicing idolatry as well as polytheism. There are some who claim that wearing the Taweez is acceptable in Islam in the event that certain requirements are satisfied. The most crucial thing to remember is that it must only be used to protect and healing. It should also include in the name of Allah as well as his attributes. They must be printed in Arabic. Taweez should not contain any of the following: Taweez must not contain anything that is Kufr or disbelief. The wearer must also believe that the words in themselves do not affect anything on their own. The words, however, are a protection mechanism provided by Allah.

Types and Meaning

There are many varieties in various dimensions and shapes that are used based on the requirements a individual has. There are Taweez to express love, prosperity, wealth and many more. But the basic Taweez originate from four elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

Earth Earth Taweez are generally written in ink or Zafran on paper or metal. The most appropriate way to use this type of Taweez is to bury the soil in which it is placed.

Fire: This specific kind may also be written onto paper using ink, Zafran or carved onto metal. It must be placed in the fire or close to the source of heat in order to be effective.

Water: These kinds are also written or carved in the similar way to they are the Earth as well as the Taweez. Taweez and the best way to utilize them is throwing them into a body of water such as a river , or lake.

Air: This particular kind of Taweez is written in the same manner. But air Taweez are hung on a roof or tree.

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The popularity of Taweez has been adapted into Hinduism too. Hindu Taweez typically have an Om (or Aum symbol, which is believed as sacred in their faith. The Taweez can also be used to complement the look of characters who are highly religious in Bollywood films. The look is usually finished with kohl along the eye’s waterline (even when the character is male) and shirt sleeves that are rolled up. The overall image of the Hindu god has become less prevalent in Indian cinema through the years however, this symbol may be visible in various forms.

Interesting facts

It can also be called Ta’wiz or Tawiz.
It could also be referring to different types of amulets that could include an ornament, a pendant, carvings on metal or even frames Duas.
Many scholars from the Middle East object to the usage of this religious pendant.
The correct way to dispose of is to tear it up or break it into four pieces. Then, the Allahu Samad needs to be read 101 times over the pieces prior to being dumped into the water.
It is referred to as Muska in Turkey. Muska In Turkey.