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What Is a Street Bollard and What Are the Benefits?

Street bollards are a typical part of every urban landscape. Made from aluminum or steel they are extremely secure and can be found in car parks, store entrances as well as on pavements and other areas. Despite their crucial role in the are playing in outdoor safety many people pass bollards on the streets frequently without thinking about their true function. What is a bollard exactly? Why are they so crucial? If you’ve found yourself on this blog, chances are that you’re seeking answer to this question. We’ve got the answers. In not in any particular order these are the 5 essential benefits of bollards on the streets.

What is a bollard?

For those who are wondering: “What exactly is a bollard?’ street bollards are narrow and strong vertical posts that serve to regulate traffic flow to prevent ram-raiding and control entrances, and are located in restricted zones.

What are the various types of bollards?

There are numerous kinds of bollards for streets that are available in a range of designs, shapes and materials. The various types of bollards differ based on the function of the bollard. The types of bollards include:

Pedestrian bollards (used to protect the playground or park and permit easy access).
Bollards with ram-raid (used to guard businesses from burglaries due to instances that involve rams).
Cast iron bollards made of cast iron (commonly employed in standalone applications).
Bollards made of concrete (typically big, these bollards are designed to be impact-resistant).
Bollards made of plastic (these bollards are usually located at construction site).

What are the different types of materials bollards are made of?

Street bollards can be found in a variety of different types of materials. Here are just a few of them:

Steel made of stainless steel
Bicycle parking

There are a variety of street bollards across a variety of locations. What is the reason why bollards on streets so crucial? Because of a variety of reasons.

1. They guarantee safety for drivers.

Bollards on the streets are an crucial element of safety for drivers. Why? because they alert drivers to a variety of potential hazards that can be found on roads. These dangers include narrow roads, steep curbs and the possibility of collisions that are high-impact. Street bollards are often an obstacle to prevent drivers from entering zones for pedestrians only and the reverse is true. This reduces the chance of injury to drivers through making sure they do not access areas that are not suitable for large vehicles, and is likely to cause dangerous accidents.

2. They provide privacy to private landowners.

Street bollards help ensure that all citizens are aware that a particular section of land is privately owned residential or commercial property. This helps protect the privacy of the landowners and stops people from entering private areas.

3. They guarantee pedestrian safety

Street bollards do not just ensure the safety of drivers, they also ensure the safety of pedestrians. The bustling streets, the blind spots, erratic traffic stop-offs, and narrow roads all threaten the safety of the city’s inhabitants. The bustling cityscape can be dangerous for all kinds of people which includes children, seniors and people handicapped. While it is often not noticed but the primary function of a street bollard is providing an accessible and safe walkway through cities for these groups. It is often used in conjunction with other types of barriers to protect pedestrians, street bollards point out safe pathways for pedestrians as well as pedestrian and bike lanes in areas that have large volumes of traffic and they also indicate which zones in a city are safe to walk through late into the late at night. In cities without street bollards they are more at chance of falling into multiple danger zones.

4. They guarantee security for the storefront.

Street bollards stop thieves from ram-ramming large stores and destroying fronts of stores. By creating a safe space between those who wish to enter the store and the storefront, it is impossible for drivers to smash their car into a building to break into the structure. Bollards can also stop motorists from driving their vehicle directly into the storefront, damaging the storefront in a significant way.

5. Street bollards are often attractive.

Some street bollards are colorless, steel barriers. They are often constructed for aesthetic reasons in order to match the style of the building. Private landowners and store owners utilize these bollards of steel to be distinctive from a design standpoint and also to provide features to their structures.