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3 ways to reduce office background noise

Office background noise can be one of the biggest daily distractions. As an individual, it’s not a factor you can control, and will be determined by the amount of chatter and work being done. Equally as distracting as office noise can be, it’s also easy to see the benefits of a fast paced, busy work space.

The sound of a busy office means conversations are happening, the phones are ringing and colleagues are communicating. For some, a loud office can be the best working conditions to thrive and to work to full capacity. But the thing with sharing an office with tens or hundreds of people, is that not everyone has the same working style. There needs to be some flexibility and some compromise to get the most out of each employee.

For those who struggle with excessive background noise, how is it possible to reduce noise?


Not all professions will allow for earphones, but if you’re working in a space that will allow them, take the opportunity to gain a bit of peace and quiet. Using earphones is an individual solution and will still leave the rest of the office bustling along, but blocking out some of the noise will positively affect working conditions.

Play some music quietly or listen to a podcast. Whatever your choice may be, select the right media to help you get into the zone and block out the rest of the office.

Acoustic Office Screen

Adding acoustic office screens effects the whole space, rather than being just an individual solution. Freestanding Acoustic Office Screens become part of the office design, bring colour and effectively divide open space.

Acoustic foam lines the internal structure of the office partitions and will absorb noise and create a subtle noise barrier. Office partitions won’t eradicate all noise completely, but will dull the noise and create quieter work spaces for those who need it.

Desktop Dividers

Desktop Dividers are similar to the Acoustic Office Screens except these aren’t freestanding and will attach to the back of the desk instead. Designed to add a targeted approach to noise reduction and provides protection to each workspace, the Desktop Dividers are another way to tackle noise within certain banks of desks.

Simply clamp onto the back of the desk and with the right amount of screens, the effect will be instant. The easy fix clamps can be adjusted and moved on to different desks so that when your requirement changes, it’s possible to move the acoustic properties to the right area.