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5 Advantages of Wooden Floor Restoration Services

We have compiled five benefits from Wood Floor Restoration for all your parquet or wooden floors.

What are the advantages from Wood Floor Restoration?

Are you pondering when it’s the right time to replace your wood flooring? Perhaps you’re thinking about the advantages of buying the most durable, long-lasting wood or parquet flooring?

Parquet and wood floor repair in Sussex Floor Restoration involves dust-free sanding. Then, a coat of oil-based or water-based finish that you prefer.

We’ve compiled five benefits of Kent floor restoration

1. The most eco-friendly flooring

The best benefits of restoring your wood flooring is that it gives it a fresh look. One that will endure the test of age (if well maintained) and keep it from having to be replaced often. Consider all the waste the new flooring could cause.

If sustainability is a priority it is important to make sure you do your homework before buying the flooring. It is important to ensure that the flooring comes FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) that is sourced from a sustainable source and, once purchased, the maintenance process is an eco-friendly procedure.

You’ll be happy to learn that we provide eco-friendly finishes on any sand or floor refinished engineered wood and you can confident that we’ve got the right solution for you.

2. A brand new finish that uses the same flooring

You might be thinking that once you’ve got an engineered, wood or parquet flooring, you’ll always need to keep the same color and finish.

It’s not so. The good thing is, when you get your floor renovated, you’ll be able to choose the right finish that matches the style and style of your home. This is a great illustration of the potential of this flooring.

There are a variety of options available, including gloss, semi-gloss, matte lacquered and oil-based finishes.

The options listed above require different level of upkeep. We encourage you to discuss the issue with us prior to selecting the most suitable choice that is best for your situation, taking in account the intended usage and the expected use of your room(s).

3. Maintaining it in good shape

Maintenance is not only beneficial to the overall appearance of your flooring, but it can also improve the overall feeling of your floor. Eliminating (where is) the crevices, dents, and sharp splinters, it will prevent them from becoming an everyday occurrence for your family and friends.

4. It doesn’t need to be dirty

Sanding floors frequently fills people with fear, not just due to the amount of time required but also due to the dust that it leaves behind.

This is, thankfully, not the case anymore. With the right hardwood floor repair tools, and hiring the appropriate firm to do the job and you will be looking for a non-dusty wood floor restoration completed.

5. Cost-effective

The price of sanding and restoration wood floors will in large part depend on the size of the area that needs restoration.

When you consider the costs of replacing and re-laying this space with other options, such as laminate flooring (which could be less robust than your engineered or parquet hardwood flooring, and therefore need to be replaced) to keep your current flooring and regular maintenance, with an expert in wood flooring repair is the ideal alternative.

As we have mentioned there are many benefits when you restore your wood flooring. But, it is important to seek advice from a professional throughout the entire process. From buying to restoring, it could be an expensive process and you’ll wish you’d done your research carefully prior to beginning.