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Benefits of Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in Birmingham

Every tenant wants their deposit back at expiration of their lease. In order to ensure you receive the full amount of your deposit back, it is essential to verify your tenancy contract because it will specify the conditions the property must be left in at the time you are moving out.

The tenancy agreement should state:

Amount of deposit.
Who is accountable for maintenance, decoration and repairs.
Who is in charge of the garden.
The condition of the property has to be left in at the end of the lease, and in which circumstances will the deposit not be refunded.

It is best to leave a rented property in the same condition as when you took it in. It must be in a move-in ready condition for prospective tenants.

The entire process can be completed on your own when you have the time. But, getting ready to move, work and clean your home to the standards required can be difficult and taking up a lot of time. If you hire experienced end of tenancy cleaners for your cleaning service for the end of your tenancy, you’ll benefit from:

A home that is spotless clean will result in your deposit being returned.
The company for cleaning supplies that provide cleaning equipment and products.
Carpets are cleaned with professional carpet cleaners.
If you reside living in a home that is just a few steps higher, a professional cleaning service can clean the windows, both inside and outside.
A sparkling, clean cooker and hob.
They are insured to perform this task. If you try carpet cleaning yourself using a machine hired by a professional and the results are not satisfactory, you might have to replace the carpet.

Final Tenancy Cleanup Checklist

Professionally trained and experienced end of tenancy cleaning professionals have dealt with a variety of landlords and tenants , and without even looking over an inventory of cleaning requirements, they know precisely what is required. When hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service is advisable to ask them what exactly they offer in their cleaning service , and make sure it’s in line to the terms of your tenancy agreement. Certain cleaning services may include carpet cleaning as part of the cost, while others might view this as an extra charge.

The majority of landlords will be willing to give you an agenda for cleaning or a final inspection checklist, so that you can be sure that the cleanliness is up in a way that is acceptable. The property should be kept in a move-in-ready condition. A quick glance could appear clean and fresh, but have you inspected the following?

The cupboards’ interiors are spotless.
The bins have been empty for a while and cleaned.
Every kitchen appliance is spotless such as the oven, the microwave, stove and fridge.
All grout and tiles were cleaned.
Mirrors are clean.
Dust is being taken off of window blinds.
The skirting boards are spotless.
Fingerprints are completely eliminated from sockets and switches.
The tops of cupboards and wardrobes which aren’t visible were cleaned.
The machine has been cleaned. Keep in mind the rubber seal as well as the dispenser for soap.

5 Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

When you view your clean home, consider whether you’d feel comfortable to move in without having to clean it up again? If you’re not satisfied with, get it cleaned again.
Replace or repair any broken or damaged appliances, furniture or other items. The cost from your landlord will likely be much higher than fixing it yourself.
Contact your landlord or leasing agent to send you the final inspection checklist in order to ensure that you’ve not missed anything.
Check your inventory of the move-in process to ensure that everything is in within the same condition.
If you are aware that you don’t like cleaning or aren’t that thorough, then you need to hire professional help. They’ll be meticulous and thorough, making sure that you get your money returned.

The landlord and the letting agent aren’t looking for issues and don’t need to refund your deposit. They want to make sure that they don’t need to invest any additional money in cleaning the property to accommodate future tenants.

If you’ve done all the work required, they’ll gladly return your deposit because they won’t have to spend additional time, effort or cash on the property until they can rent it back again.