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Choose Green Sutton Office Removals

In recent times, many office and business establishments have decided to actively reduce their impact on the environment by adopting eco-friendly practices. Not only can this be applied to the way the workplace is managed, however, it can also be applied to the removals procedure, where green solutions can drastically reduce the amount of waste produced.

It is important to pay attention to how the move is conducted so you can make your office relocation into a green move. If you are looking to make a greener choice to the office relocation, here are 5 simple steps to make sure you prepare for the move and handle the task responsibly.

Recycled packing materials

Your choice of packing materials can play an important role in determining the sustainability of the office relocation you are planning is. In these climate conscious times there are plenty of eco-friendly options available when it comes to packing materials, including:

Recycled boxes
Plastic-free or compostable packaging materials

Not only that, meticulous planning and creative packing can reduce the amount of materials needed which, is in turn, helps decrease the amount of waste generated when unpacking at the other end.

Recycling or reusing waste and supplies after the relocation

No matter the size of your company recycling or reusing items of waste and packing materials after the move can make a huge difference in running a more sustainable office. We appreciate the necessity of adopting a green approach in our business, and that’s why we are committed to recycling every piece of card packaging and paper packing employed on projects and at our offices.

WEEE recycling

As per the HSE according to the HSE, every year, an estimated two million tons of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment items , such as computers, telephones and microwaves and other household appliances are discarded by households as well as companies across the UK. This is why WEEE recycling is quickly becoming a crucial factor for every business with large amounts of office electronics.

The safe disposal of such objects is an essential aspect of good environmental practice, which is why our experts offer complete auditing services to confirm that our clients adhere to the relevant standards and guidelines.

If you opt for WEEE recycling to get rid of your computer equipment during an office move it is the legal obligation of large corporations to ensure the confidential information on your computer is eliminated. We offer full data removal off all HDDs in order to ensure that sensitive data is not taken and used to commit fraud.

Choose a company that is green in its removals

Employing the expertise of a removals company who is experienced in green office moves can ensure that the plans are executed correctly for a smooth environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly relocation. A green removals company will have systems in place to reduce how much packing materials required , which means less waste generated. In addition they are able to recycle or reuse the packing supplies to you following the move to minimize your impact on the environment.

Think about carbon footprint

Transporting all equipment and apparatus from your current workplace to your new location could take several trips dependent on what size you have for your company. As such, you must carefully consider the vehicles that you employ to transport items from one location to the next.

We are an experienced Sutton removal company, we are proud of our eco-friendly practices and our first rate recycling policy that ensures the best ecological practices. Our green services include:

Waste audit to help find ideal recycling solutions that work for your business
Training of staff to continue how to cut down on energy and water use
Transport plan that is environmentally conscious
Energy and water audits that are complete
Recycling of all paper and card packaging

To find out more about any of our recycling or office removal services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.