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Perks of Buying Fethiye Property

If you’re looking to purchase a home in Fethiye get in touch with us to start the process and receive full assistance from our experts.

Advantages of Buying Fethiye Property

Great Place To Live

Fethiye has a wonderful climate, beautiful natural beauty, golden beaches, an enviable atmosphere, rich heritage, and the possibility to travel all simultaneously. It is a blend of the modern and traditional, and creates an interesting culture and an exciting life.

Living at a low cost

Cost of life in Fethiye is surprisingly low in light of the quality of living the city offers.

A Variety of Property Options

There are a variety of possibilities for property in Fethiye which range from affordable apartments available for sale in Fethiye Turkey as well as luxurious villas. This choice gives an opportunity for small-scale investors with low budgets to acquire their dream homes.

Excellent Investment

With its enthralling tourist appeal with its growing economy, expanding expats, and foreign investor communities, Fethiye is proving to be the perfect location to buy real estate and earn a high-profitable return in the near future, should it is your intention to dispose of the home. It is also possible to let the property as a vacation rental and earn a substantial income.

Turkish Citizenship as Investment

The most appealing aspect of purchasing an apartment within Fethiye is that if you buy a property worth at minimum $400,000 in Turkey You’ll be able in applying for Turkish citizenship and enjoy several other benefits.

The Best Neighborhoods in Fethiye

Fethiye Town Center

In the center the city of Fethiye is the perfect location for those looking to enjoy greater access to the amenities of society, including transport, shopping malls schools, as well as healthcare facilities. Fethiye is among the top cities on the Turkish Riviera, Fethiye Center also offers vibrant nightlife and functions as the main sailing center of the region.

The town’s center gives an opportunity to ride the ferry ride to Rhodes Island as well as historic sights to see in Paspatur which is the town’s oldest part that dates back to Ottoman time.


Faralya is a tiny village with a beach that is one of the most beautiful coastlines within the area. If you’re looking to reside in a private area, Faralya is a great location with its stunning ocean, breathtaking natural beauty and Roman ruin sites. There’s not a lot of houses to choose from in Faralya. The scenery is always stunning.


Ovacik does not have the golden beaches of Ovacik. But it is a tiny hillside town that is loved by families and expats. Huge villas make up the majority of the homes that are available for sale in Ovacik. If you’re in search of stunning views over The Taurus Mountains and an expat network to be part of then you should look for a house to purchase in Ovacik as it could be the ideal fit for you. Furthermore, Ovacik is only four kilometers from the beaches of Oludeniz.


The village is located eight kilometers from the city center in the town of Kayakoy has only beautifully restored traditional homes since it’s not allowed to build new homes. The renovated Greek homes, however, can be a major draw for investors from around the globe.

Even though Kayakoy is a feast to behold with its beautiful scenery and forests but it’s also a delight for the palate thanks to delicious food and beverages. The town is also home for a sleepy town of that same title.


Uzumlu is a mountainous district situated 30 minutes away from Fethiye downtown area. The people who look for properties to purchase in Uzumlu typically want for land to build homes of their own. If you’re thinking of buying an apartment available for sale within Fethiye Turkey, you may decide to purchase the land and then building the land yourself, which will be much cheaper. The best part about making your own home is that you are able to customize it exactly the way you’d like it.


Seydikemer is a tranquil town in the countryside that is just only 30 minutes from Fethiye city center. The Esen river runs through the town, and it has amazing natural beauty.

Seydikemer isn’t yet an expat hub or tourist destination however it has a bright future, as well as a lot of peace. Furthermore, the prices for property in Seydikemer are extremely convenient.

How to Find Property for Purchase in Fethiye Turkey

Fethiye Turkey real estate for sale is typically advertised on the internet by real estate agents or property owners themselves. It is possible to search real estate websites for Fethiye houses for sale, or talk to an agent who can assist you with your search for a property.

Another method of finding houses available for sale for sale in Fethiye Turkey is to stroll through the areas you are interested in, and look at “For Sale” signs on the windows of buildings.

We strongly suggest using an agent in the procedure to reduce the chance of spotting fraudsters.

The process of buying Property to Sell in Fethiye

The procedure of purchasing Fethiye real estate is very simple. It is all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Doing extensive research beforehand
Plan your budget carefully
Beginning the look for houses for sale in Fethiye
Arriving to Fethiye
Contacting an agent in real estate
Setting appointments for viewings of properties
The deposit payment
Reading each clause carefully and then signing the contract
Finding a tax ID
Finding the appraisal report
Opening an account at a bank
The title deed is acquired

We provide comprehensive solutions to aid our customers with the process of investment immigration. We aim to help investors acquire property and obtain residency/citizenship all around the world.

Contact our experts’ team to assist you with your home search in Fethiye.