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Reasons To Use Gas Safe Engineers

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Appliances that run on gas, like your boiler are secure if they are installed by Gas Safe engineers near me but can be dangerous if they are installed by a non-qualified person and that’s why it’s essential to look to see that Gas Safe logo and check the credentials of your engineer.

Also called CORGI The Gas Safe Register is the UK’s official list of gas-related businesses and engineers who have been certified to operate legally and safely on cookers, boilers fires, and autres gas-powered appliances. All gas engineers are required to be on the Gas Safe Register.

Carbon monoxide (the gas that is in the appliances you use) has a high flammability, and is extremely harmful if breathed in So the person who will install your boiler should be aware of what they’re doing and also have an Gas Safe certification to prove that they are. Do not cut corners, trust the Triangle.

Got you covered

If you choose to use an Gas Safe qualified engineer, you’ll be covered by your insurance in case anything should occur to happen to. If you decide to employ anyone who does not have these credentials the insurance may be cancelled. No matter if you’re a homeowner or landlord making sure you choose an Gas Safe qualified fitter and an appliance that is approved by the industry is essential.

Making a mistake can cost lives.

As per Gas Safe Register, around 1.1 million gas-related jobs are performed every year by fitters who are illegal that aren’t certified. These put homeowners at danger of getting carbon monoxide poisoned gas leaks, explosions and fires.

A large number of these fitters were hired on the basis of recommendations. In none of the instances did the qualifications of the fitter verified. In the words of the Health and Safety Executive, over the last three years 22 people have been killed and nearly 1000 injuries from gas-related incidents.

It’s easy to find out if your gas fitting company is registered on the Gas Safe Register. Visit the Gas Safe website and type in the name of the business and choose a trusted well-established brand.

Once you’ve confirmed that your gas fitting company can be Gas Safe certified, then you should double-check whether they’re qualified for the task you have in mind, because the Gas Safe engineer that can install a gas fireplace may not be certified to put in boilers.

After you’ve had the appliance put in place It is essential to have it checked regularly to ensure that it’s in good operating order. Also, you should install an carbon monoxide detector close to the appliance to ensure your safety.