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Shopping For Kitchen Door Handles

Selecting the right handles for your kitchen is an important, but overlooked aspect of the kitchen design. The best door handle will improve the overall look of the space, whereas a bad choice could cause chaos and sabotage the beauty of a space.

This guide will go over the various designs that cabinet door handles come in you need to take into consideration, helping you make an informed choice.

Three crucial factors to be considered

When choosing handles for your kitchen cabinets, ensure that it fits to the overall design of your kitchen. It should be with a material that is compatible, and be in line with your family’s demands and preferences.

Therefore, when you’re looking into the various handles for kitchen doors consider the following questions:

Does your kitchen appear contemporary or traditional? If your kitchen doesn’t belong to either take a look at the direction you’d like your kitchen to be able to move, because door handles can make an enormous influence on the overall design of your kitchen. If your kitchen is already decorated with an obvious contemporary or traditional style pick a door handle since the design of a different one can appear odd.

What kind of materials are used in your kitchen? The materials used to make kitchen cabinets and worktops will affect the door handles you choose. For instance wooden knobs won’t be compatible with granite or gloss materials, while stainless steel or polished chrome will be a perfect match.

Do you have a family member with special physical needs? Some handles for kitchen doors are specifically designed for those who has difficulty grasping small objects. Take into consideration the physical impact that the handle you select will have on people who frequent the kitchen.

After you’ve answered these questions, you’re now ready to investigate the different kinds of kitchen cabinet handles that can be found to meet your requirements.

Bar handles

One among the most popular designs of door handles that is available Bar handles are a good fit for virtually any kitchen design, including modern, minimalist , and traditional.

Based on the width of the door’s kitchen handle, a bar design can eliminate the requirement for numerous handles on drawers that are long and cabinets. This is an excellent option for anyone who would prefer an elegant, minimalist style.

Bow handles

While the slim, curved style of the bow door handle could have been a result of the 1930s, there is no door handle that can be more appropriate for an entirely contemporary kitchen.

Bow handles are an excellent choice for those looking for the functionality and ease of bar handles but with a touch of elegance and fashion. These handles look fantastic against contemporary designs in both gloss and matt, they can be a focal point or be a part of the overall design of your kitchen.

Cup handles

Traditional and timeless, there’s no better option than cup handles to those in search of kitchens with a vintage feel.

The original design was created in the late 19th century, the cup handles are durable, tough and simple to maintain and clean. Because the style has been preserved, its style could help make kitchen furniture appear authentically vintage, while the function of the handle is perfect for heavy cupboards and drawers.


Based on the material utilized the knob handle could appear any of a variety, from traditional to luxurious. The handle can be conventional, but can be used to complement an array of kitchen styles.

The material used for the knob will determine the impact it has on the design of your kitchen. Wooden knobs are rustic and are great for the country kitchen or farmhouse style. Chrome knobs for handles for kitchen doors are modern and are ideal for minimalist kitchens while pewter and nickel is more traditional and very elegant for those looking for an elegant kitchen style.

How do you put handles on kitchen cabinets

To make sure that your handles are the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, make sure that the handles are correctly put on the cabinets. The position of the handles will depend on the place they will be used:

Wall units: Put handles on the kitchen doors near the door’s bottom. Set the bow and bar handles in a vertical position, making cabinets easier to open.

Base unit: door handle’s location on the base cabinets should be on the upper side of the door, so that you not have to climb to open the doors. Bar and bow handles look great when they are put horizontally, while longer handles may be put vertically.

Drawers: if the drawer is smaller than 600mm wide choose one handle for your kitchen door. If your drawer is wider, put two handles in it.

Picking the right door handle for your kitchen could be difficult, but with some thought you can reduce the choices available. Modern or vintage or modern There’s a door handle that matches the kitchen’s design well.