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The Importance of Location in Leicester Student Accommodation

University is a young person’s first major step into the “real world,” away from the security and comfort of home; it can be a storm of emotions for students and their parents. Nevertheless, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to create memories and develop relationships that will no doubt last for a lifetime.

Going off to college can be incredibly exciting, however it can also be extremely daunting. It’s a brand new place and you’ll meet new people, new friends and is likely to be your first experience living apart from your parents. This is why finding the best student housing is crucial because it plays a crucial factor in your experience at university. It’s going to determine the friendships you make and the opportunities you get and ultimately your lifestyle for the next four or so years.

There are 6 factors to take into consideration when selecting the Uni Halls of Residence

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the best student residence prior to making the decision. It is important to select a place that has access to certain facilities or is located within the city of the university, if you’re a student at college and planning to attend Uni for the next academic year here’s what you need to know when it comes to picking and choosing the ideal student accommodation.

1. Security and safety

Your safety comes first. Before you look into the specifics of accommodation for students in Leicester, make sure it’s secure and that you’ll be secure inside the facility if you were to reside there. This will not only allow you to sleep at night, but it will also ensure that your stay will be the best it can be without being concerned and worried.

Research whether the halls have security systems of the highest quality in place and whether there are staff available to ensure your safety. By knowing this parents, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you’re properly looked after.

2. On-Site Facilities & Activities

A large element of your student experience is the facilities you have access to as well as the activities you can take part in. Some of the facilities you should look for, which will improve student living, are as follows:

A gym to keep your fitness, health and wellbeing intact.
Spaces for socializing in a communal setting to interact with friends and build stronger connections.
A cafe in the vicinity to meet up with friends over coffee or for studying.
A separate laundry room unfortunately, you don’t have parents to do it for you!
Work areas that are designated to help you get out of the chaos of tasks to finish.
Plenty of outdoor space to enjoy time with your friends Get some fresh air, and relax your head.
The bathroom is en suite within your bedroom.

3. Value for money

While at university, you don’t want to end up paying for accommodation however you’ll want an environment that you’re at ease, is well-maintained, clean and equipped with the facilities necessary; you need to find the balance.

Thus, student accommodation that’s cost-effective is essential to be able to live a life of pleasure without the stress of high outgoings. If your parents help you with the costs of accommodation, they wouldn’t like to be spending unnecessary amounts either when cost-effective student accommodation is offered.

4. WIFI Connection

In this day and age young people more than any other age group comprehend the importance of having a steady internet. This is not only important for your studies and research, but also when you need to keep in touch with your family and friends at home, or just relax and go to a Netflix documentary. It is essential to locate halls that can sustain strong WIFI connection even while multiple students are collaborating at one time.

5. Location, Location, Location

Location of the lodging is crucial to a great time and your university life. Each student is unique, perhaps you’re social and have fun at night or you prefer quieter halls that aren’t surrounded by crowds for a quiet retreat. Selecting student residences that are in the right spot based on your needs and preferences is crucial.

Before deciding on the selected student halls, look into the surrounding area of the facility and what you might expect to find nearby.

Socially Friendly Aspects: Nightlife Restaurants and bars

If you’re a social butterfly You’ll probably prefer your home to be in the middle of the town or city it’s in. Are there nightclubs, bars or restaurants close by? If so, what do they like? Be aware of the events happening in your neighborhood is vital to maximizing your experience at university, if a bustling social life is what you’re hoping for.

University Campus

Most first-year students want to be near, or near, the university campus. It could change as academic years progress However, if you want to be in the middle of all the happenings and at the heart of the university, make sure there’s only a short distance between your accommodation from the central campus.

Transport links

Good transport links nearby mean you can go from A to B quickly, efficiently and most importantly, at a reasonable cost. We recommend always choosing halls for students that offer reliable transport services, so that you can be assured that whenever you need or require transportation to get there, it can be done without stress or unnecessary cost. This is also helpful for those who want to go home for the weekend; you don’t need to set aside money aside for frequent expensive taxi rides.