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What aesthetic is live edge furniture?

A live edge dining table is daring. It’s different. It’s also true that the presence of a table in your home will completely change the look of your home. But, you’ll need a table that lasts for many years. Do you think a live edge table is only a trend and a beautiful design but not practical to use in everyday life?

You’ve seen a variety of tables but none truly appeal to you. None of them has an edge like a well, a live edge tables do. Do you find yourself constantly returning to tables with live edge? They seem to draw you in like magnets…

We get it. There is something wonderfully special about an edge table live that is a universally appealing concept to us all.

This detailed article will go over everything you must learn regarding live edge tables for dining. We’ll discuss about the tables’ functions and what kinds of styles are compatible with them, whether they’re durable and much more. Do you think a live edge table is worth the investment? Let’s get started!

What is a live edge table?

What exactly is live edge? Live edge (also called natural edge) refers to the unfinished edge of a piece of furniture made from wood. The edge that is unfinished has not been smoothed out by the use of woodworking tools, consequently, it keeps the gnarled form and bumpy features that characterize the wood. This natural beauty is now a well-known design feature known as live edges. Live edges are seen in a variety of household decor items such as candles and lamps as well as photo frames shelves and much more.

The most well-known piece of furniture with live edges includes the table with live edge. Live edge tables usually have at most one side (and often both) unaltered in their natural beauty. Every live edge table is unique, and has an individual shape that was created through Mother Nature. Dining tables with edge live have become so sought-after because they bring the pure nature’s beauty right into our homes.

How are live edge tables constructed?

Dining tables with live edge require to be made entirely by an experienced woodworker. The log has to be carefully selected then cut, sanded, and polished to create an efficient furniture piece, but still retain its natural beauty. It can also be removed or left on in the event that the rustic live edge design is what you want. The process of woodworking can be laborious and time-consuming, however the end result is an original furniture piece.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Live-edge furniture is an excellent green option. This is due to the fact that it is possible to use more (or even all) of the timber can be utilized to make the piece instead of needing to cut it down and form it into a shape. Additionally, furniture made from live edges is usually made from sustainable sources for instance, tree trunks cut down or reclaimed wood.

What is the aesthetic of living edge furniture?

The Live Edge is mix of contemporary and rustic Western styles. In the beginning, furniture made of live edge was simply rustic. It is believed to be a result of the 15th century of America as settlers began creating homes for themselves. The settlers had to build furniture quickly, so the furniture was usually not finished on the edges. However, as American society was built up, the demand for furniture with live edges waned. A few decades later and midcentury modern furniture designer George Nakashima (1905-1990) became famous for his living edge tables for coffee. Nakashima loved looking for beauty in the unorthodox pieces of furniture, and his unique pieces exemplified this.

Live edge tables work with any decor style that ranges from modern, traditional industrial, rustic, and much more. In fact, you can put tables with live edges anywhere in your office or home without it causing any disruption to the décor. This is because of the unique characteristics of furniture with live edges It has enough of being confident without being overly bold and a natural organic look and contemporary sleekness. This could be what is behind the table’s constant popularity.

Live edge tables can be considered modern?

Certainly! Live edge is one of the styles that is particularly suited to minimalist, modern spaces. Live edges offer the perfect amount of distinct style and character, but without being overly formal to create a modern, clean space. If a slab with a live edge is combined with a modern table top and a table top, the result is an organic blend of contemporary elements. This style can go well with a variety of styles including modern, rustic industrial, and even industrial. A live edge dining table will bring a hint of nature to a cold looking, almost clinical space.

Live edge tables are likely to go out of fashion?

Although the live edge furniture has been in use for quite some time and are in a steady state, this trend shows no signs of slowing or getting stopped. The popularity of furniture that has live edges has exploded! Live edge tables have the unique quality that draws people to have one. Perhaps it’s because they appear so natural in our time and age, when the majority all of our environments are made by humans. Maybe it’s because of the distinct characteristic of wood, with each curve and bump has their own unique character.

Whatever you call it the live edge tables will not go away. Furniture with live edges is very popular due to a myriad of reasons, and is an iconic style until 2023.