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What Are Wall Ties?

Cavity Wall Ties are vital to repair structures that have aged and diminished in stability over time. With our extensive industry knowledge and well-developed skills that we have, we can restore your walls to health by ensuring carefully and precise wall tie replacement.

What are Wall Ties?

Wall ties are a small component that are used to connect the both the external and internal leaves of the cavity wall. They are integrated into the cavity of a wall in the course of construction. Wall tie functions by making the ends of every tie set into the mortar bed in regular intervals. They are made to completely cover the cavity to allow to effectively join the sturdy inner lead to the outside leaf and to increase the structural stability. Wall ties can also be used to stop water from moving from the leaf’s outer to the inner and accommodate any tiny movement that walls may be required to support.

What are the causes of failure in a wall tie?

Wall tie are most likely to fail because of two primary causes; construction issues or corrosion of the wall tie. If the construction project isn’t to the standard that it ought to be for example, wall ties can quickly fail over time. Cavity wall ties are prone to failure because they were wrongly spaced, fixed, or cut in a way that was too short. In addition, wall ties fail due to poor quality mortar that was used in the building of a construction, which implies that they do not provide enough bond for the tie. On the other hand, however, natural causes such as corrosion can also be a common cause of wall tie failure , and an occurrence which is only certain to happen and should be dealt with immediately.

How Long Do Wall Ties Last?

The longevity of wall tie depends upon a range of factors including the location of the construction as well as the kind of masonry that they were put in, the style of wall ties used and more. There are wall ties that claim to I theory last throughout the life of a structure however in reality wall ties have been known to last for 15 to 20 years prior to the time they begin to corrode. Wall tie replacement is a widely used and common repair process that many buildings require.

How Serious Is The Replacement of Wall Tie?

Although wall ties may be thought of as a tiny aspect of a property’s structure however, they actually contribute significantly towards the overall structural stability that the building. The need to maintain and replace wall time as needed is of paramount importance when intending to keep the structural stability of the building at a level that is healthy. The quicker structural repairs are conducted for a structure that is which requires such repairs repair, the lower the cost of these repairs will be as they’ll be able avoid any damage later developing as a consequence of a delayed repair. The regular maintenance of structural components such as well-tied structures thus contributes towards maintaining the health of the entire property and wealth of a house.

How Do You Identify Wall Tie Failure?

Wall tie failures can be difficult to recognize and figure out how severe the problem is. However, there are specific signs which can indicate that your wall tie is breaking and need replacement. One of the most frequent indicators is the appearance of regular horizontal and at times vertical cracks in the masonry. Additional indicators are when brickwork has begun to expand or bow, window reveals are beginning to separate and when the lintels begin to sag or lift. Additionally, if an exterior leaf appears to be pulling away from the inner leaf it’s a sure sign that wall ties are experiencing failure. If you want to recognize wall tie failure but, it is important to seek a professional diagnosis prior to beginning any repair work since the signs that are visible could also be caused by different types of damage. They require specific equipment or tools to identify them. In addition, once the wall tie’s failure is clearly identified it is crucial to engage experts in the corrective procedure, since it will most likely entail complete replacement of the wall tie.

What Is Wall Tie Replacement?

Replacement of wall ties is the process that is carried out when it has been identified that a building’s wall ties are failing and no longer work in the way that is required. The wall ties are taken off and replaced by new ones instead. Wall tie replacement is a relatively easy job even though it’s one that must be performed by industry professionals such as us. Different wall ties have different functions, such as those used when constructing a new wall should not be utilized to replace the wall tie. The various wall ties that typically used are the mechanical wall ties, the helical wall tie, resin wall ties, and brickwork wall ties. To know which type and size of tie you require you can connect with one of our specialists to arrange a free consultation. The replacement of a wall tie requires first determining the positions of existing wall ties. This is usually performed using the aid of a metal detector. After that is accomplished the new wall tie can now be placed by placing them in positions staggered from the wall ties originally.