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What can you expect to see on your EPC?


Know the energy efficiency of your home
Find areas of improvement
Make adjustments to save money as well as reduce emissions

What are Energy Performance Certificates?

Similar to the multi-colored sticker on appliances that are new The EPCs (EPCs) provide information on how energy-efficient a house is, and assign it an A (very effective) up to (inefficient). They will tell you how expensive it will cost to warm and light your home and also what the carbon dioxide emissions could be.

An EPC also provides information about the kind of energy efficiency rating might be if you had made the suggested improvements, and also outlines the most cost-effective ways to get an improved rating. Even if you lease your home, you may nevertheless make improvements as noted in the EPC for example, like changing to energy-efficient lighting bulbs.

EPCs last for 10 years after the date of issue.

What is the reason to get an EPC certificate?

The property’s EPC should be made available to prospective buyers from the moment you begin to promote your property for sale or rental. You need to find an accredited domestic energy assessor to create the EPC. If you are buying or renting a house the EPC lets you assess how energy efficient various properties in a matter of minutes.

An EPC will also highlight the energy efficiency improvements you can do, the cost they’ll cost and the amount you’ll save. It can be helpful when you’re looking to upgrade your home or to purchase and enhance your property.

Be aware that any estimates for energy consumption and savings could be for a typical household within the home – they’ren’t specifically tailored to you, your housemates or family members or your way of life.

If you decide to follow one or all of the efficiency guidelines that are outlined in your EPC It is possible to upgrade your EPC that incorporates these enhancements.

What will you find what you will see on the EPC?

It is important to note the fact that not all EPCs have the same appearance. In this tutorial we’ll use the certificate from 2017 to illustrate. Certificates from earlier years will include the majority of the information, but they may appear different and could have a different order.

It is important to note it is important to note that EPCs are in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have recently switched to new formats, which differs from the one we’ve used in this article from Scotland. The information and sections covered are similar.

Who is responsible for the production of EPCs and energy reports?

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

For England, Wales and Northern Ireland only licensed domestic energy assessors are able to issue valid EPCs.

If you’re leasing or selling your house via an estate broker they might be able help you arrange the EPC for completion on your behalf.


In Scotland only organizations that have been that have been approved from the Scottish Government can issue valid EPCs.

If you’re selling your property with a seller’s agent, it is recommended to request the preparation of a Home Report (which will include an energy report as well as EPC) for the report to be completed.

Energy reports are only prepared by chartered surveyors who are who are registered with RICs.