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What Type of Loughborough Student Accommodation is Right For You?

Looking to find out which types of Loughborough university accommodation are available? If you’re a freshman seeking some guidance or a veteran student seeking some fresh air There are a variety of possibilities available. We’ve provided each type of lodging below, with most important considerations as well as the primary advantages and disadvantages.

Halls of residence that are owned by the Uni.

Many first-year students opt to join university-owned halls due to the fact that it’s managed by your university. These halls are typically at the lower portion of the spectrum however this can be seen in the state of the building as well as the amenities available.

It’s also something you must consider, especially in the case of your first year of college. You may not think that an hour-long commute sounds difficult, but wait until you’re getting into the groove of things: rising early in the morning for classes, meeting your people for drinks or coffee on weekends, and getting to and from night out on the town. The last thing you’ll need is an unstoppable goal every time you need to travel to a place. Location is a major factor therefore it’s worth determining the location of where residences owned by the university are situated in relation to the campus. Some are farther out, while some may be near campus.

The likelihood will be the room in the shared apartment. That is, you’ll share an kitchen, a living area, and a restroom with the other student (usually between six and four, with you).

The problem with halls that are owned by universities is that they’re usually simple in terms of facilities and their interiors. Some are clean and well-equipped however, others are filthy and worn-out. Although the halls appear appealing in online photos You should make sure to see the halls in person prior to deciding to apply to live there It’s incredible how an assortment of meticulously taken photographs can look different than what you’ll see in the real world.

Halls of residence that are private, AKA private (purpose-built) student housing

While halls owned by universities typically offer only the basic necessities Private halls are a different story offering state-of-the-art facilities as well as more benefits than you could ever imagine. When we say benefits, we’re not talking about fast Wi-Fi and TVs in communal areas that are available in all decent student homes in the present. Think games rooms, gyms, cinema rooms, chic spaces for communal gathering, comfortable study spaces, and no-cost social events on the premises (like pizza evenings, themed parties! ).

A good service provider will consolidate all your monthly expenses into one lump sum to make it easier for you not to manage bills or face the stress of organizing your own providers. Rent, utility bills (including broadband) as well as your maintenance and even your contents insurance will take care of without needing to take any action. It’s an easy decision!

In terms of your living spaces There are many choices to pick from:

A private bedroom in an apartment shared with others (which you’ll share with three to five other students) This is ideal for making new friends and you won’t have to wait around for your morning shower!
A space for you and your partner (including an area for cooking and bathroom) This is ideal to have your personal space, or you require tranquility for your studies at university. However, don’t forget that you’ll likely be able to access study rooms and pods inside your own home too.
A studio or flat that has two occupancy (i.e. for couples who share) This is an uncommon option, and can only be found with specific service providers or in specific homes, but it’s a great option in the event that it’s suitable for you.

One of the major advantages of rooms that are private is the high-end and elegance of the furniture and the overall design of the rooms. This may sound simple, but actually not an untruth: a well-thought-out interior design will help you feel more comfortable and productive and both are crucial to enjoy your time at university and succeeding academically.

For the location, it can differ according to the service however, the most desirable student residences are located within the distance of everything you’ll need, like the university campus and local bars, supermarkets, and clubs.

Flat-share in private (or in your personal)

Halls that are privately owned and operated by Uni-owned are among the most well-known kinds of student housing that are available, but they’re not your only choices. You can also opt to rent a private apartment, where you can or share it with fellow students or be living on your own.

This kind of home allows you to be in control and gives you the liberty to live the way you’d like in your private space, far from the rest of the world If that’s what you’re looking for. However, you should be aware that renting privately comes with problems and bureaucracies. You’ll need to figure everything out yourself, including contacting your tenant (or their leasing agent) and ensuring that all paperwork is filled out, keeping on top of your monthly expenses and bills, keeping the property and keeping it clean in accordance with the requirements of the landlord and purchasing household goods at the time you need these items.

If you believe you’ve got an understanding of all of this, good but if you’ve not been on your own before it’s probably best selecting a student-specific apartment – which gives you the freedom of independence, but no responsibility.

A lot of private student homes are older Victorian and Edwardian homes which can be damp and cold (an absolute nightmare in winter) and vulnerable to general decay. Therefore, be cautious at viewings.

Take a look at the surrounding area. What’s it like? Students’ houses are typically situated in the more rough areas of cities, which implies that burglaries can be very possible. This is among the main disadvantages of private house-shares as compared to halls. If you choose other options you have a certain level of security, with the majority of private accommodation for students with keycard access and the security of the premises is 24/7.

If you’re aware of the types of student accommodations are available, you’ll be able to determine what is most important to you when you choose your new residence.