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What Type Of Wall Can Post Boxes Be Mounted Onto?

A wall-mounted parcel box is a piece of equipment that is mounted to a wall either internally or externally and is attached to the wall with fixing holes inside the back panel that the box is mounted on. Post is usually inserted on the top or front of the box, and it is secured until the receiver retrieves the mail through an unlocked door on the front side of the box.

Wall-mounted post boxes are available in a variety of sizes, capacities, and orientations and are able to meet standards like Fire Ratings or secured through Design Homes 2016.

What kind of wall could post boxes be hung on?

The post boxes are erected on walls that are strong enough usually constructed with blocks or bricks. If you are fixing to a wall made of render or comparable material the fixing is required to be put through the render material and into the brickwork that is behind. This is crucial since a wall mounted post box with the full capacity of a post puts pressure on the fixing points as well as the space directly around them. Making sure that the fixings are secure Post box with a sturdy material is vital.

Do I require additional support for fixing the postbox to the wall?

We offer mailboxes to single-occupancy as well as multi-occupancy properties as well as, depending on the amount of mailboxes that you will need you might require additional assistance to assist in the installation of the mailboxes on the walls.

Other supports include things like cantilever support brackets or support tables, as well as legs.

How to install the post box to the wall?

1. Utilizing the mailbox you purchased and open the door and then hold the mailbox up to the wall. Utilizing a level, make sure the post box is straight and level. The post box is situated at is typically 1400mm from the floor from the floor to the top.

2. After the post box has been placed on the wall at an appropriate level and is positioned to your desired size and placement you can mark the wall with the holes for fixing in the back panel on the wall.

3. After the fixing points are drawn on the wall, move the post box away and put it in a safe place away from the spot in which you’ll drill the following.

4. Make holes in the wall with suitable drill bits and then place wall plugs in the holes.

5. The post box should be placed against the wall. Line the fixing holes to the holes in the wall that are prepared and fix the back of the post box to the holes that have been prepared.

It is important to note that if you are installing a fire Rated post box on a wall and you don’t use every hole, then a fire-rated intumescent sealant must be used to seal the holes for fixing.

I’m in search of an outdoor post box for my house.

We make post boxes that are suitable for commercial uses (think massive ‘banks’ post boxes that are placed in the lobby of an apartment tower) and also for home use (domestic is the typical homeowner seeking a fashionable and safe place to keep their post).

We offer a wide range of boxes for post that are suitable for storing securely delivered post outside your home.