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A Brief Guide To Betting On Football Games

This is a guide for beginners to betting on football by a novice!

A few Football Betting Terms

I decided to start by introducing some football betting terms.

Stake – This is the amount you put on a wager or the amount you stand to lose if you fail to win.

Accumulator – A football accumulation is a collection of single bets that are grouped together. If one of the bets comes off then the odds accumulate together. When you hear about those who put a fiver bet on something and then winning a couple of thousand dollars, it’s because of accumulations. Because every bet has to win , even though they may be risky.

Handicap A bet which is available when one team is the clear favourite Consider Brazil or your own local boys team! The handicap offers a tiny edge to the side that’s underdog. For instance, there may be a one-goal head advantage given to the underdog. I will go over Handicapping more in the coming article.

Half Time/Full Time Half Time/Full Time – This kind of bet is divided in two. You can bet on the winner of the initial half and the final game. This means you could bet on the half-time score to be 0-0 but you could also predict your home side to prevail through full time.

A Banker basically the closest thing to certainty, the tipster is very certain that the bet is going to be successful if they consider it a banker. We offer, for instance, banker tips to our members.

Scorecast is when you bet on the player to score the first goal, along with forecasting the correct score.

Wincast is very similar to scorecast, however you wager on a player to score and then predict the winner of the game.

90 Minute Betting – This is mentioned frequently when people place bets on individual gamers (maybe for goal-scorers) normally if the player fails to show up the bet is cancelled If players are present during normal 90 minutes of the match, they’re eligible for the bet.

24 Hour Rule: Most betting websites have a rule such as this. If a match is postponed the bet becomes null should the match not be played within the 24 hour period. If, for instance, the match was delayed for 2 hours, the bet would still stand.

Over/Under – Overs and Unders are when you place bets on the number of goals scored. generally, it’s either above or below an amount, for example over 2.5 means there are more than 3 goals. Under 2.5 could mean 0, 1 or 2 goals that are scored.

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DNB The acronym stands for Draw No Bet. If the game is drawn, you will get back your money to bet. This can be seen as an option that is more secure, but you must be aware that the odds are typically less when you choose this option.

Double Chance – A Double Chance bet is one in which you select a winner and when they win, or it’s a draw, you win the bet. In the event that your team pick loses then you lose the bet. As with DNB the odds are usually lower , but it’s the safer option as a result.

Bankroll – how much money you’re required to put in. We’ve provided more information on what a bankroll is.


Handicaps are something that confused the heck out of me for a long time which is why I would like to look at them in greater detail. It’s a very common problem that I’ve put up a manual on Asian and European handicapping.

Accumulators Vs Singles

These are the two most commonly used methods for placing bets today, so I wanted to cover them in a little in depth. It’s no secret it is the case that Ian prefers singles, but it isn’t a benefit if you aren’t aware of the major distinctions.

When you bet with an accumulator, all of your bets have to be successful so that you will be able to claim the winnings. This means it is much more difficult to win, however the reward is far greater. As a novice football bettor, it can be tempting to bet on accumulators because you may see your PS10 stake grow into huge dollars pretty quickly.

Singles, on the other hand are not effected by other bets. If I put PS10 on three matches as singles and 2 of them win and I win, then I earn money with those two bets. It’s not as likely If I were to roll all my bets in an accumulator, but my chances of walking away with some money are higher.

The key point here is to discover what is right for you. If some people believe in accumulators and some are single, isn’t a reason to choose the loudest sound. Research, maybe try putting small stakes in several different strategies and determine what feels right and what had a good ROI.

Making your way through the bookshops

The first thing you’ll see when you begin betting on football is a variety of bookmakers, both offline and online. Every bookmaker will have their particular way of dealing with issues, and each will require to be dealt with differently. This can seem daunting but we’ve put together the things to watch out for and how you can present your case in the event that you feel a bookmaker has wronged you.

Most commonly accepted, good tips

A guide to betting on football wouldn’t be complete without sharing some good tips! Here are some generally accepted and useful tips I’ve gathered from my research , and from interviews with football tipsters!

Don’t bet with your heart Bet with your head, instead use your heart

This means don’t bet because you want a team to win, but instead bet on the assumption that they will win!

Also, don’t bet on teams you don’t enjoy just because you don’t want to bet against them. bet against them because believe they will lose.

Don’t be too greedy

There are two things I have been guilty of due to greed. The first is adding extra teams to an accumulator because it will bump up my payout to the maximum. This is almost always an unwise choice!

The second thing I have done is put more money on a particular team that I originally intended to. It is important to have a strategy of how much you’re going to wager and stick to it.

Have patience

You are not going to win every bet, in order to become successful betting on football you have to be patient and choose the right bets for you.

Never bet more money than you are able to manage.

Before I place a bet, I think about the money I am going to place on it and think, If I lost the money now, would I be OK with the loss. If not, I’ll never place the bet.

Seek help if football betting is becoming a problem.

If you are concerned that gambling may be becoming an issue for you, I would suggest seeking assistance. GambleAware is a good option to visit!

Don’t put your money on friendly teams

They’re too unpredictable. you’re not sure how much effort each team is working on and reserve players may get an outing which you weren’t expecting.

If the friendlies are before the beginning of a new season (they often happen before the beginning of new seasons) athletes will likely be alert to avoid any injuries so might not play as vigorously as they usually do.

Know Team Motivation

What I mean by this are that two teams may look a certain way on paper, but should one of them is already a winner of the league, and another is fighting to remain in the league, there’s a good chance that the team good on paper will be on autopilot, whereas the team playing to avoid Relegation will be fighting for their existence!

A few North American football betting terms

If you’re on our site in North America then some of the terms I listed at the beginning could be confusing. Here’s a brief translation.

Locks – are what we call “bankers”
Parlays – are what we refer to as “accumulators”
Straight Bets are also known as “singles”
The Wagering Event are what we refer to as “fixtures”