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Don’t Let Your Apple Watch Collect Dust – Reasons to Sell It

Since its 2015 release, the Apple Watch has been a top smartwatch. With its beautiful look, multiple health and fitness tracking functions, and seamless connection with other Apple products, it’s no wonder so many have bought the Apple Watch.

The novelty may have worn off or the Apple Watch may have disappointed some consumers. If you rarely use your Apple Watch, consider selling it. Some amazing reasons to sell your Apple Watch:

Reasonably High Resale Value:

If you acquired your Apple Watch early and kept it in good condition, you can sell it for a nice amount. Retro models like the Series 3 still sell for a decent amount of money. The latest Series 4 and Series 5 models might cost more with a stainless steel or ceramic case. Compared to competing smartwatches, Apple Watches retain value. Sell now while people are still paying well.

No More Latest Model:

Apple releases new Apple Watch models every September, making yours outdated. Your older Series 1 or Series 2 is showing its age. The latest models are speedier, have larger always-on displays, and contain ECG and fall detection features. If you want the latest, sell your old Apple Watch while it’s still valuable. Series 5 improvements make older models feel outdated.

Your Not Using It:

Many Apple Watch owners lost interest after a few months. If you don’t wear your Apple Watch every day or don’t charge it, you don’t need it. The gadget is now just a drawer item. Give your Apple Watch to someone who will use it regularly. Selling it is necessary if it no longer provides meaningful information.

It’s Not Compatible With Your New iPhone:

If you switched to a newer iPhone and find that your Apple Watch no longer pairs or syncs, maintaining it is futile. An incompatible Apple Watch is worthless because it needs an iPhone to work. Donate it to someone with a compatible iPhone model instead than letting it collect dust. Spend the money on an Apple Watch that works with your new phone.

Money Matters More Than the Watch:

Money might be tight, therefore we must make sacrifices. The Apple Watch is lovely, but not necessary. Selling an Apple Watch you don’t use can easily generate hundreds of dollars to pay bills or obligations. Rather than wearing an unnecessary gadget, that money could be better spent. Paying off high-interest credit cards or delinquent invoices is smarter.

Upgrade to the Latest Model:

Sell your Apple Watch to buy a new one if you love electronics. Apple Watches usually sell well, even older versions. If you’ll use the always-on display, ECG app, and fall detection, buying a more advanced Apple Watch may be worth it. If your Apple Watch works but you want new toys, sell it and buy the current model.

Broken, Not Repairable:

If your Apple Watch has water damage, a cracked screen, or won’t turn on, repairs may cost more than the watch is worth. Due to high repair costs, selling broken Apple Watches is often impossible. If you can’t fix it yourself, sell it for parts or recycle it to pay for a new one. Don’t store your broken Apple Watch in a drawer for later repair. Even broken, sell it and go on.

You Got One You Don’t Need:

Possibly you received an Apple Watch as a present but already love it. You may have inherited one from a deceased relative but never use it. Consider selling an Apple Watch you no longer need or want instead of keeping it. Let the new owner use it instead of leaving it. Money can also go into something you’ll use and enjoy.

No Comfort or Skin Irritation:

Over time, wearing any watch or band snugly on the wrist might cause skin irritation, rashes, or pain. Stop using your Apple Watch if it hurts or irritates your wrist. Selling it will relieve your wrist and earn you money. Invest that money in a more comfortable fitness tracker for all-day wear. Don’t keep an Apple Watch that hurts your skin.

In conclusion, sell your Apple Watch while it’s still valuable if it’s not used, incompatible with your iPhone, or obsolete. Sell your unwanted Apple Watch to buy something you need or a newer model you’ll use and love. Assess your Apple Watch dependence and whether to sell it.