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How Selleo’s Agile Teams In Belgium Help Startups Launch Innovative Products

Selleo is a foreign company that has been making software since 2005. It has development centres in Poland, Spain, Germany, and since 2016, Belgium. Selleo helps customers all over the world with custom software development, quality assurance, cloud solutions, and staff augmentation.

Selleo has grown to have more than 900 software engineers, testers, and designers. The company has been producing software projects of all sizes and levels of complexity for more than 15 years. The mindset of the company is based on agile methods, self-organization, professional growth, and being the best at what you do.

Growth into Belgium

In 2016, Selleo opened a new service centre in Ghent, Belgium, which is a beautiful city. Belgium was a major IT hub in Europe, so it had a lot of talented tech workers that Selleo could use to serve its customers in Europe.

Selleo’s office in Belgium has grown quickly and now has more than 100 software engineers and IT workers. In Ghent, highly skilled teams are led by leaders with a lot of experience to find answers using cutting-edge technology.

The Belgium teams have made custom software for many different industries, such as logistics, aviation, healthcare, education, advertising, games, and more. There are both fast-growing startups and well-known global names among their clients. Read more here:

The Agile Method

The agile development method used by Selleo Belgium puts an emphasis on teamwork, flexibility, and high-quality results. Agile lets needs change over time and lets development change along with them.

The agile method involves things like:

Daily stand-up talks to agree on what needs to be done

Short delivery rounds that are repeated

Constant trying and putting things together

Clients and teams work together closely.

Software that works, released often

With this agile framework, teams in Belgium can build strong solutions that can quickly bring value to clients and end users.

Know-how of the modern tech stack

Engineers at Selleo Belgium know a lot about the latest tools and frameworks. Some of their specialties are:

JavaScript: Node.js, Vue.js, Angular, and React

Python: Flask, Django

PHP: Laravel, Symfony, and WordPress

Java and Spring Boot

Mobile: iOS, Android, and React Native

Cloud—AWS, Azure, and Google

PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB are all databases.

Because the teams have such a wide range of experience, they can build sophisticated, scalable solutions using the best technology for each job.

Services for making products

Selleo Belgium offers full-cycle custom software creation that is made to fit the business goals of each client. Among their services are:

MVPs let you quickly test ideas through prototyping.

Web development: e-commerce sites and web apps that work on all devices

iOS, Android, and cross-platform app development

Backend Development: APIs, microservices, and interfaces

Cloud Development: SaaS apps, moves to AWS and Azure

Software Testing: UI/UX testing and automatic testing

The teams are very good at taking ideas from when they are first thought of to when they are ready to be launched. Agile methods make sure that solutions are of high quality and provide real business value.

Think about quality

Selleo Belgium is set up to make sure that high-quality work gets done and that processes are always getting better. Some ways to make sure quality are:

Every pull request gets a code check.

Pipelines for continuous development and delivery

Full-scale test automation

Dedicated experts in quality checking

Regular reviews to make things better

Since 2010, ISO 9001 has approved us.

By putting an emphasis on quality, Selleo is able to make great software with fewer bugs and security risks.

Why Use Selleo to Make Software?

Companies looking for a reliable custom software partner can get a lot out of Selleo’s centre in Belgium:

Skilled in a wide range of tools and fields.

Projects will be done by hundreds of skilled engineers.

Teams that are quick, flexible, and able to change to changing needs

Hundreds of jobs completed in the past, so we know we can do it.

Great English conversation and working together

Account managers who work hard for each client and understand their goals

Services for growth that are both cheap and valuable

Selleo is the place to go for new software development made by top experts in Belgium. Get in touch with us today to make your digital dreams come true.