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Key Benefits For Businesses Upgrading To Windows 10

Windows 8’s previous version of Windows 8 faced a lots of problems that frustrated users. The issues could not be attributed by Microsoft alone , which is why they had to create a completely new OS. This is why the latest Version of Windows 10 was released to allow your PC to run efficiently without issues. Within a short time, it became one of the most popular operating systems around the globe.

Windows 10 incorporates new type of design that has a user-friendly interface. Many new features are added, among that is the speedy start feature. With this feature, the features of normal shutdown and hibernate can be combined. Although Windows 10 includes lots of features , many people are hesitant to look into the OS. This is because there are advantages as well as negatives to the OS.

Through this post, you’ll learn about the five Benefits and Drawbacks from Windows 10 | Drawbacks & benefits from Windows 10. By examining this list of pros and cons you’ll be able to determine whether this operating system is worth the price or not.

Let’s get started,

1. Speed

By the default, Windows 10 is designed to be quicker than the predecessors. The time for booting and shutting down time are much lower in comparison with Windows 8 and other versions. The process of starting up is speeded up by removing unnecessary startup processes as well as getting rid of the bloatware.

2. Security

Microsoft ensures they ensure that Windows 10 is safer in every way. The authentication procedures are more secure than prior versions. Third party hackers are unable to easily break the password. Also, other methods of authentication like fingerprint recognition and face scanning have been made more secure. Security using encryption is also available with Windows 10.

Windows 10 uses a BitLocker encryption program that encrypts the program detects as dangerous. Like previous Windows versions Windows 10 is also equipped with Windows Defender Antivirus protection which assures your computer is more safe. Therefore, cybercriminals are unable to easily infect viruses.

3. Web browser

Microsoft released a new internet browser for Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge that was a replacement in place of Windows Explorer. The brand new Edge browser has a lot of features that make it among the top browsers ever created. The browser has been developed with regards to layout of pages as well as extensions and privacy. In addition, Cortana voice assistant is included in the browser, allowing users to search with a voice commands.

4. Gaming

Microsoft Windows 10 is equipped with DirectX 12 which promises to improve the gaming experience. Gamers who use DirectX 12 has experienced significant gains in gaming. The majority of games can attain more frame rates. Whatever game you decide to play, you can be sure that it will run smoothly on your Operating System (But only in the case that you have a strong graphic card).

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5. Switching Applications

Switching between apps switching between apps in Windows 10 is made easier by a feature called task view. Al even though this feature was available in earlier versions, it’s something brand new to Windows 10. Users can change between tasks by pressing the Alt + Tab keys. Another feature that is possible to add an additional function to the taskbar.

The disadvantages of Windows 10

1. Updates

A majority of computers come preinstalled using Windows 10. But, they’re not equipped with the latest versions that Windows 10. It’s usually the base and home versions. The current versions are recognized to have numerous bugs that are only eliminated by regular updates. If not, you might have to buy professional versions that could cost a lot.

2. Privacy

Privacy is an additional concern when you use security concerns with Windows 10 operating system. The issue is particularly from Cortana which is the voice search engine. Cortana is integrated into as well the Operating System as well as it is also part of the Edge browser. Privacy is always a issue in Cortana because it records every as well as every single search. This gives Microsoft the chance to Microsoft to gather all the personal data we have. Anyone who uses Cortana is at risk of losing their privacy.

3. System Requirements

Like similar operating systems Windows 10 has also defined its minimal system specifications. Users must ensure that their system is up to scratch in order for Windows 10 work properly. Even if your system meets these requirements, installing Windows 10 is not a simple process. It requires patience and time before you are able to begin using the OS.

4. Reverting OS

After you have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8 and you aren’t happy with the new OS , you can’t go to your previous operating system immediately. You have to reinstall Windows 10 from start. There is a higher cost associated with installing Windows 10. A basic home version Windows 10 costs about $139 and the professional version is around $200.

5. Touch Interface

In contrast to Windows 8 OS, Windows 10 isn’t touch-friendly. A majority of touch inputs aren’t available on Windows 10. For instance you can’t close apps simply by tapping. Selection of objects cannot be performed effortlessly. This makes it unsuitable for use on devices like Tablets that rely solely on touch screen technology.