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Reasons To Hire A Professional CCTV Installer

CCTV is installed by a professional, adored by the homeowners, and distrusted by criminals! That’s at least the best way to go about it.

Many homeowners choose DIY CCTV systems that is good for the criminals! They are aware that poorly-installed security cameras are less likely to function correctly, and therefore have lower chances of being found…

Professional CCTV installers are able to set up your cameras so that your footage checks all the appropriate boxes. Professionals can guarantee the highest quality of images every time which comes in handy when you have to find or prosecute an incriminant!

In reality, your DIY cameras may even be in violation! Did you know that there are strict guidelines on what you can and cannot record footage of? If your CCTV is capturing the property of your neighbor, it falls within the GDPR regulations and could be violating the GDPR rules as well as the Data Protection Act.

Additional Reasons to Hire A Professional Installer

A professionally installed CCTV system from IP Video will give you total security. Security companies will evaluate the specific needs of your business to ensure that the system is in sync with your life style, or the requirements of your company, and includes features that bring you peace of mind.

Certain DIY kits available provide similar features. If they’re not correctly installed, you may not be able to get the most value out of them. And, even more importantly, they could be a security risk!


One of the greatest benefits that contemporary CCTV systems is the ability to view your footage anywhere, anytime with a smartphone or tablet.

This means you’ll be able to monitor your homeeven when you’re enjoying a relaxing day in the Algarve This is great! The issue is that your computer has internet connectivity…

Since DIY home DIY kits are usually not properly installed, they are vulnerable to attack from hackers. A professionally-installed CCTV is more secure due to the security settings, like default passwords and port numbers, are modified upon installation.

In addition to other settings that have been altered This means that you’re more likely not to get targeted by anonymous internet users or be used in a massive DDoS attack.

Picture quality

What about how good the video quality is? Are you able to set the right settings so that the image is clear enough to be able to spot an intruder? Night or day?

By tweaking some settings, a camera’s image can be adjusted to make them crystal clear. The factory settings that came with the camera can result in motion blurring, making difficult-to-use footage and, in extreme instances, a failed prosecution!

This is the benefit of hiring an experienced CCTV company.

Installing CCTV is easy But what could possibly go wrong?

If you think it’s simple take a second look.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to choosing the right camera and a lack of understanding could render your video ineffective.

Imagine that an intruder enters your home. They take your jewelry as well as a laptop and tablet – three readily accessible items that are frequently found lying around. It’s to your satisfaction that you put in CCTV one year ago!

However, when you play back the video, it appears that the camera isn’t high enough to be able to see the face of the burglar. The only thing it can capture is an unidentified person in a hooded dress entering your house, only to walk out after 10 minutes, carrying an enormous, bulging rucksack!

You begin to panic and hope to get the basic information if you reduce the speed of your footage… You’ve opted for Night Vision and you might find that you’ll be able to see the number plate of the vehicle the criminal entered in. However, without ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) It’s difficult to see the registration number in the glare of reflective reflection.

You’ve spent a lot of money and lots of effort and time to install the cameras… however, you’re still unable to identify the person who is intruding or their vehicle!

The police are asking to view your video footage. Perhaps they could discern certain specifics? You check your DVR then… you realize… you’ve been there for a couple of days since you’ve run out of memory and the DVR recorded over your footage. The police inform you that they’ll try their best to find this individual…

It’s a fact that you’ll never get to see your treasures ever again. It’s a terrible story, and it’s a common occurrence.

A professionally installed CCTV system can give you a chance to live – you could see those precious objects again and even assist in a case.