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What is PAT Testing Anyway?

PAT testing is abbreviated as Portable Appliance Testing and is the standard method used by companies and companies to make sure that their electrical equipment is safe to usage by staff members and the people who are allowed to enter their premises.

Testing equipment for specialist testing performs test of electrical power on devices in order to verify that they are operating within established guidelines to ensure safety. Every appliance in a commercial location should be tested. the tests must be conducted by an expert who can perform the tests.

This is usually an individual from a PAT testing company who has been trained to perform these tests in a recognized manner and has been certified competent to conduct PAT tests on devices.

A business or organization is contracted by a PAT engineer to conduct tests on appliances that are in their workplace. The Engineer then will conduct various tests visually, and with the equipment used by PAT in order that the appliance is classified as safe or not to use. Appliances that pass the tests and considered safe will be issued an approved label and added into the engineer’s database as being passed. Those that fail the tests will be assigned a failed label and added to the database as failing. The items that fail are deemed unsafe until repairs are completed or the appliance is replaced.

Electric appliances that are used in commercial spaces must be safe for use. Tests for PAT are the simplest and most thorough method to ensure that businesses comply with this legal requirement.

But, not every appliance need to be checked as frequently as other appliances. Some appliances require to be tested more often due to the fact that they are located in busy locations or are frequently used or are located in places where damage could more easily happen.

To determine which appliances should be tested more often, it is suggested that risk assessments be conducted on appliances in order to determine when a retest is required.

The risk assessments are conducted frequently and used to determine what the ideal time for a testing schedule is needed for the particular device.

The role of Testing Equipment for PAT

Testing equipment for PAT is the method by which test for electrical safety are conducted on appliances. Without the PAT equipment these tests wouldn’t be performed.

Testing performed by testing equipment PAT include the following tests: the earth-bond test leakage/touch current test, and tests for extension and cable leads.

In addition to the electrical tests, other tests are also conducted such as the visual inspection which is equally important to determine any physical issues in the appliance.

The equipment used for testing PAT is diverse and can range in price from basic models to expensive models that have more advanced functions. Every model comes with its strengths and advantages. Before making a choice about which one is suitable for your requirements It is crucial to decide whether a simple, mid range , or more advanced model is required. It’s based on the specific conditions as well as the level of tests that an Engineer is planning to perform.

When selecting a PAT tester, it is crucial to decide if a downloaded or manual tester is needed and if a simple pass/fail tester is suitable or if something more sophisticated is required.

If you’re having difficulty choosing which PAT tester is the best one for you, get in touch with us at 01642 987976, and we’ll review your requirements with you , and assist you in locating the most suitable tester for your needs.

Who Carry out the Tests?

PAT testing is performed by qualified PAT testing engineers and technicians. Many people who conduct PAT testing have completed the PAT training course testing and successfully passed the test and obtained a certificate of competency. This certification of competence shows that they have the ability to efficiently and safely perform tests on devices and declare them safe or not safe to use.

To become a PAT tester, There are many programs that can be carried out. These include:

City and Guilds PAT testing course 2377-22
The PAT Competency Training Course
PAT Testing Business Start Up Course

Which PAT Tester Brand Should I Select?

There are several brands of PAT testers and each manufacturer offers an array of devices for different budgets and needs.

Certain brands have testers targeted at people who want a basic test machine and others have testers designed for those who want more advanced machines. Some offer both.

Instead of focusing on the kind of tester to buy, it’s important to determine the type of tester you’re looking to purchase:

Do you need a download machine?
Do you need advanced capabilities?
Do you wish it to be light and portable?
Do you want a device with pre-determined pass marks or would you prefer an output?
Do you wish to have an integrated keyboard for the machine?
Do you wish it to include a huge onboard memory?

Each of these questions, as well as others must be addressed first in order to narrow your choices of PAT testers and choose the best one for your particular situation and testing requirements.