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What to look for when commissioning a new primary care website design

Are you a doctor looking to launch a medical website? If yes, then it’s likely that you are aware of the fact that your obligations go to more than just marketing your services effectively to patients, as is the norm within the public sector.

We will look at some primary aspects that primary care providers, such as GP surgeries primary care networks, or Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) should consider when the commissioning of a new website.

Accessible GP website design

A primary care physician will be a part of the entire community. This is why it is important to take into consideration all types of audiences and ensure that the site is accessible and usable for the maximum number of people. Following guidelines for accessibility to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will make sure that your website can be accessed by a large variety of disabled people in addition to making your content more user-friendly for people with disabilities in general.

Your site should operate in a consistent manner that gives the user sufficient time to review the information. It is also recommended to implement measures to aid users in avoiding or rectify errors. For instance, it is important to give users to go over and rectify the mistakes they made prior to making a submission.

Perceivable content

The provision of text alternatives for non-text-based content on your site is vital for ensuring that your website can be seen by a larger viewers. Content should be designed with the possibility to be presented in various ways. For instance, creating an option to create a simpler layout of pages without sacrificing any structure or information.

The way your content will be seen by your visitors should be considered as well. The content must be easy to comprehend and also make your site as user-friendly as is possible for people with diseases like dementia. When it comes to dementia, guidelines, like using dementia-friendly phrases, such as “living with” instead of’suffering from’ dementia – are stated in the Alzheimer’s Society website.

Secure web hosting

Since your website is acting as a resource that must be available to the public 24 hours per day, keeping your website up and running at all times is vital. It is possible to minimize problems that could cause your website to be offline by ensuring that your website is secure hosted. It could involve a specific server, or cloud-based models It is important to be able to handle any volume of traffic that you could experience in the future and also ensure that any data you have is as safe as it is possible.

Cyber security

This leads us to another aspect of a website that is more important than ever in the age of digital technology because of the variety of cyber-attacks that can compromise website security and compromise the security of information about patients and customers. Primary care professionals need their websites to be as secure as they can, removing any weaknesses in their defenses that could cause breach. The National Cyber Security Centre of the government’s National Cyber Security Centre can prove your commitment to cyber security as well as sufficient protection against the most frequent threats.

NHS Data Security Standards additionally stipulate for all NHS websites should be secured for OWASP (Open website application security project) the top 10 security vulnerabilities (assertion 9.2.1).

Conformity to NHS brand guidelines

Patients and users view the NHS as an all-encompassing service. The NHS is among the best-known and recognizable brands around the globe. It istherefore the obligation of everyone who is a part of the NHS brand to meet the quality standard which is required by patients. Primary care websites must ensure that their websites are conforming to NHS guidelines for branding. Patients are assured that they can trust the quality of care whenever they come across that NHS logo.

Conformity to GDPR

The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act has altered the way that organizations are able to ask for, and keep, data on patients and employees. From a GP’s surgery’s website to an primary healthcare network or CCG’s website design , it is imperative that all requests for data of patients from healthcare websites are conforming to guidelines from the GDPR and that the data is stored in a secure manner that is in compliance with the regulations.

Rely on the experts in digital

At IatroHealth Our team is committed to enhancing the presence of digital technology in healthcare companies. We understand the obligations of the modern primary care service and are able to make sure all websites that we develop satisfy every requirement.

Do you have plans to create an updated primary care website this year? Healthcare marketing begins with great web design. From the websites of GP practices to CCG web design, IatroHealth can help you create the perfect online presence for your primary care physician.