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A Guide To Holidays In Antalya

This is the comprehensive guide to making your dream vacation a reality in Antalya situated on the southern coastline of Turkey.

Here is everything you need to know about planning your trip Antalya including airport flights, resort towns activities to enjoy, package deals, as well as commonly asked questions.

Antalya is the most popular destination in Turkey during the summer months between April through October. It has more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, a myriad of beach resorts with excellent service and extraordinary sights that date back to antiquity.

However, there’s more to know about Antalya. It is also famous for its golf, water sports and business occasions.

This is the place to meet Antalya.

How to Get There Antalya

There are two airports within Antalya province. Antalya province. Antalya AYT is the primary airfield in the capital city, Antalya and has flights to major cities in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Therefore the flights from Antalya are accessible throughout the year.

The second airport located in the Antalya province is the Alanya-Gazipasa GZP 160 km to the from Antalya. This airport is a possibility when you plan to visit one of the resorts on the beaches in between Side to Alanya.

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Things to do in Antalya

Antalya is the ideal destination for summer, beaches, as well as sun, in Turkey.

There are many other activities to enjoy in Antalya. Make sure to visit one of Antalya’s most famous historical cities, such as Aspendos, the Roman Theater of Aspendos, take a trip to The Land of Legends Theme Park in Belek and enjoy whitewater rafting at Koprulu Canyon.

Attractions in Antalya

In Antalya In Antalya, you will be able to experience natural beauty and unique sights.

Explore the summit on Mount Olympos on the coast of Kemer and return to the shore by paragliding tandem.

Dinopark located in Goynuk, Aktur Park in Antalya The Antalya Aquarium Sandland The Land of Legends, as well as The Land of Legends are fun that are fun for all the family members on your trip to Antalya.

There are also popular dive sites such as the wrecks of sunken vessels that were part of during the First Wold War, go canyoning, or visit the amazing natural attractions, like the travertines found in Pamukkale which is located in the neighbouring Province of Denizli.

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Most well-known Tours in Antalya

The Sarcophagus of Nicholas of Myra is often referred to as the actual person who is the source of the tales of Santa Claus is among the most sought-after excursion in Antalya. There are other well-known locations, too.

Rafting Koprulu Canyon, a boat cruise along the shores of Antalya and a trip at the marketplace are all top choices in Antalya. Check out the Ticket Shop to see all possibilities in Antalya.

Food to try in Antalya

Turkish cuisine is among the most diverse cuisines in the world.

It is comprised of recipes that go back thousands of years to the time during the Hittite empire, with flavors inherited from the silk and spice roads, as well as ideas gathered from Greece as well as in the Middle East, and Asia.

Have a taste of a traditional Turkish style kebab, and eat Baklava and sip some of the national drinks of Turkey like tea, which is also called cay, the most popular alcohol in Turkey or raki. Also, try the Turkish Coffee.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What are you located in Antalya situated in Turkey?

Antalya is situated in an area of the Mediterranean coast in the southwest region of Turkey. The city is surrounded with the Taurus Mountains and is the largest Turkish city in the region.

Antalya AYT is the principal airfield in Istanbul’s capital city, Antalya and has flight connections to the major destinations of Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. The flights to Antalya are accessible all year round.

The second airport located in Antalya province. Antalya province is the Alanya Gazipasa GZP located 160 kilometers from Antalya.

What is the most suitable timing to travel Antalya?

Antalya is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, though it can get quite hot. It is not common to see rain during the months of summer.

Antalya is the most popular destination in Turkey during the summer months between April and October.

Where can you be staying in Antalya?

There are around 2,800 hotels in the Antalya region. There are all kinds of classes available in the Antalya region, including Antalya villa for rent, luxury hotels and family holiday resorts and luxury hotels, golf resorts, and guesthouses. If you are looking to stay within Antalya’s city, Antalya Boutique accommodation options in Kaleici are extremely popular. If you are looking for a holiday on the beach go to among the many resorts located along the coast. For those who want to take a break on their own can enjoy Olympos, Kas, and the areas around.

What do I need to know in Antalya?

Antalya is famous for sun, sand and the sea. However, the city provides lots more. It is also famous for its nightlife as well as water sports, golf, and business occasions in addition to its ruins from the past and boat tours, hike trails canyons, and mountains. There is also skiing in Antalya.